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What makes Spoiled Rotten Photography the Best Preschool Picture Company?

Spoiled Rotten Photography is a family of local business owners.  We are skilled photographers who are dedicated to raising the standard of school pictures in America.  We are outgoing, LOVE kids, and LOVE to create beautiful authentic portraits moms and dads will cherish for generations! We’re the best school picture company.

We would love to chat with you and see if our photography programs are right for your school…  Just give us a call!  See our contact page for the Spoiled Rotten Photography location nearest you!

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Looking for better school pictures?  We’re a little different than any other school picture company.  Local. Online proofing & sales.  No obligation to purchase.  No forms. No checks or cash to collect.  No unwanted pictures to return or pay for!

But are we really the best local school and preschool picture company ?


Well, we think you are very clever for finding this little hidden Easter egg of ours. So take a look at what you find here and decide for yourself!  

here’s just a few more clues…

Exceptional Quality.

We are a high-end portrait studio that brings boutique quality portraiture to your school.  Our portraits are treated with utmost care and professionalism throughout the entire process – from photo sessions to post-production.  Each and every image that you purchase is enhanced by our retouch artist.  Colors are vivid, skin is smooth, and eyes are bright. We’ll even hand crop each image to suit your chosen size.   After we enhance your images, they are sent to a quality custom portrait lab for printing on professional portrait paper.  In other words – unlike some of our competitors – we will never mass print and computer crop your portraits.  But quality is not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.

Our Promise.

We believe you’ll LOVE your images! If you don’t, there is no obligation to purchase.   When you receive your portraits, if you are not thrilled for any reason, we will make it right or gladly refund your money.  But our promise is not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.

Timeless Settings.

We are dedicated to creating classic portraits that will be treasured forever.  The focus of your portraits is always your child – not the backdrop!  You won’t find artificial ferns or roman columns here!    Our sets are carefully designed to coordinate with the recommended wardrobe.  Our set designers are always on the job. They create and introduce a new custom set for each Spring and Fall season!  But timeless settings are not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.


We spend several minutes with each child on the set, giving them time to warm up to us and get comfortable with the lights, sounds, and new surroundings.  The reward in this is that we are able to capture many wonderful expressions and natural poses.  A typical proof set from Spoiled Rotten Photography will have 10-15 images.  But better selection is not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.

Outdoor Options.

Every campus has at least one special place that’s awesome for natural light photography.  We love to capture your kiddos exploring and having fun outside, too. We call these sessions Campus Candids.  We spend a little less time with each child, but we’ll photograph everyone before lunch.  These proof sets will feature 3-6 images.  But outdoor options are not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.


There’s no longer a need to schedule a photographer, find a location and pray for good weather.  Parents will receive beautiful professionally captured portraits of their children by simply sending them to school dressed in the recommended clothing to compliment the current Spoiled Rotten Photography set.  But, wait – it gets better! Portraits are always viewed and ordered securely and easily online.  There’s no need for directors and staff to collect order forms or checks, either! We’ll spend a day or two in your school and parents will get to see their proof sets online within just a few days.  Packaged portrait orders are organized by teacher and delivered to the school, or shipped directly to the parents!  But convenience is not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.


Portrait Packages are available for an affordable investment.  Portrait Units (a unit is a single image printed as 1- 8×10, 2-5x7s, 3-4x6s, 4-4x5s or 8 wallets) are $25 individually (less when bundled into packages) for our elective mini-sessions.  Units are no more than $20 for a Campus Candid session — and build your own packages are also available.  But value is not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.


Each and every image you purchase is enhanced by our retouch artist.  Color is vivid, skin is smooth, eyes are bright – no more crazy cowlicks or scratched noses. We will even hand crop each image to best suit the size of your choosing.  If you have specific retouch requests, please leave us a comment when you place your order.  Our images are always available in Color or Black and White.  But free enhancements are not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.


Our photographers are available to consult with you about your child’s clothing selections.  We also encourage parents to tell us about any special request or ideas they have for their session when they register online.  But service is not the reason we’re the best preschool picture company.


We are skilled professional photographers who love kids, love photography, and love to create beautiful authentic portraits your family will cherish for generations!  We own and operate our businesses and support our local community because we LOVE where we live and we LOVE to give back.

That’s the reason we’re the best preschool picture company in Alpharetta, Georgia, Birmingham. Alabama, Colorado Springs, Colorado, North Charlotte and Wilmington, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama!

and remember…

If for any reason you are not absolutely THRILLED with your portraits, we will make it right or gladly refund your purchase!