Covenant Christian Academy

Senior Formal Tux & Drape
Event Dates: Tue, Sep 12, 2023 - Wed, Sep 13, 2023
Dear Senior Parents!
    Congratulations on your upcoming Senior!  As their high-school years come to a close, we are honored to create this iconic portrait for your family to treasure forever!  

Session Details

  • You will have 6-9 poses to choose from. 
  • We will provide the Tux or Drape for your senior.  
    • Guys – please should bring a PLAIN WHITE t-shirt for under their tux.
    • Young Ladies – please bring a camisole for under their formal drapes. 
  • The session fee is $35
    • The session fee covers
      • Time and talent of the photographer
      • Use of the tux or drape
      • Selection of your yearbook pose
      • Retouching of your yearbook pose
    • The session fee does not include any prints or products, and you will not get a credit.  
    • Our Policy: We work hard to ensure that your photos are perfect, but in the event we miss something, we are happy to make it right! However, being prepared for your session is key. If you were unprepared or if you just didn’t like the way you looked that day, you may be subject to a re-sitting fee.


  • UNDERGARMENTS The drape gives a formal off the shoulder dress appearance.  Please consider a strapless bra and spaghetti strapped shirt that can be moved off your shoulders for the portrait session.
  • MAKEUP Makeup should be natural to only slightly heavier than normal. Mascara should be clean and contain no clumps.  NOTE…we will retouch any images that you order or choose for the yearbook… so please do not worry if you have skin imperfections.
  • HAIR Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Bring any hair care tools and products with you for a touch up before your session.  Please, please, DO NOT put glitter in your hair or on your skin!!!
  • JEWELRY Simple is best.  An elegant string of pearls or a simple necklace and earrings will look wonderful.  Jewelry that is large or bold may be distracting.

Tux and Drape PORTRAIT TIPS for GUYS

  • CLOTHING Please wear a plain white tee shirt to be worn under your tuxedo shirt.
  • SHAVING Please make sure you are clean shaven.
  • SKIN We will retouch any images that you order or choose for the yearbook… so please do not worry if you have skin imperfections.
  • HAIR Be careful of changes right before your session.  Bleached hair does not look as good in photographs. Natural hair styles are best!
Thank you so much and we can not wait to create this memory for your family!