SRP - Sessions with Melissa

Summer Samples for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022
Event Dates: 6/10/2021 - 6/12/2021


We need STYLISH, ADORABLE children and families that ENJOY having their picture taken for our next year’s marketing material!


  • Thurs. June 3 (Afternoon)
  • Fri. June 4 (Morning)
  • Sat. June 5 (Morning)

Our goal is for each and every person that views our material to be able to relate to and envision their child on our sets… so we need children of every skin shade and hair color to fill our marketing material for next year! 

We need:

  • 6mo – 6 year olds
  • Grade School Aged
  • Families

We need samples for the following sets:

These are iphone pics!  But you get the idea of the colors we are working with!


Waived session fee in exchange for your model release!

We will waive the session fee, in exchange for you agreeing to let us to use your images in our marketing material!   (If you sign up for this session you agree we can use your images.)  If you would like to purchase any prints, 8×10 units start at $25 and are less when you purchase in a package.  Purchase of prints is not required. 

Click to sign up and choose your time…. SIGN UP HERE!

  • If the times are full, please fill out the form for one of the wait list times and we will try our best to accommodate you!

Look at where to park and what entrance to come in.

  • Please use the studio entrance as noted on the map.
  • Please DO NOT come to my front door…. no one will be there to let you in.
  • Click here for MAP.


  • Wear solids or small prints. 
  • COLORS: 
    • Grey Set –  “Love You to the Moon” – Grey, Yellow, Navy, Orange, Blue, Red, Cream or White is always Great… almost any color will pair nicely with this grey background. 
    • Turquoise Set -“Great Adventure” – Choose any color combo that is in the backdrop  – Turquoise, Aqua, Grey, Yellow, Mellon, Pink, Blue, Cream or White is always Great.  
  • Avoid clothing with bold patterns, stripes, large logos, or writing.  
  • Add layers & accessories (hats, jackets, scarfs, jewelry).
  • Bring any toys or props that you or your child loves.
  • BABIES… Simple is best!  Diaper cover and headband or hat is our preference.  If you must dress them in clothes, please NO collars (or make sure to sew them down).
  • You are welcome to bring several outfits and accessories, and we can pick out when you get there what will work best!


WE ADORE SAMPLE SESSIONS!!!  THEY ARE FUN AND FULL OF ENERGY!!! Please come prepared to be flexible!!! 

Some things to expect:

  • Your time slot will be shared with another family.  We’ll be photographing when your child is changing outfits.
  • We’ll do as many outfits as we think will look good on the sets that your child will allow for!
  • We try to stay on time, BUT…. We know the images we are trying to achieve and sometimes it takes more or less time to get the images.  If you have time restrictions, this may not be the session for you.
  • PLEASE let us direct the session.  If we need your help getting an expression or making your child comfortable, we will enlist your help- other wise, please take a load off, enjoy a coffee or water in the waiting room, and let our photographers and assistants direct the session.  

We look forward to seeing you for these fun sessions!


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