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Extensive Consulting & Training

When you join our family, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to be successful. Our training and consulting covers every area of your business, from pre-training, 11 days of comprehensive new owner training, grand opening assistance, and on-going training and professional development.

Our continued success as a brand is dependent on the individual success of our franchise owners, so you can count on us to be with you every step of the way.


Learn camera and photography basics (for those who are not already professional photographers)

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but you have to love taking pictures (and love working with children, of course). We will teach you the rest! If you’re not familiar with modern digital cameras, you can work through our comprehensive technical pre-training online.

New Owner Training

Extensive Hands-on Training at HQ

New franchise owners attend an intense 11-day business boot camp where we develop and hone lighting, posing, business, sales, accounting, workflow, and customer-service skills. Prepare to take and edit lots of pictures, give back to an under-served community, and come away feeling confident, fulfilled, and prepared to serve your own community and make beautiful timeless portraits.

Grand Opening Assistance

We'll come to you...

Our team will send a trainer to your location for your first sessions. The first step is always the hardest, that's why we are there to support you for your grand opening. We reinforce all that you learned in training and help train your assistant.

Ongoing Training

We are always learning and improving.

At the core of our business is quality. We will always strive to give our customers the highest quality portraits- this means we must adapt an attitude of continuous improvement. We have image competitions twice a year, numerous classes and workshops, and an annual conference that builds your skills as a photographer and business owner.

New Owner Training is Awesome

We’ve heard it over and over from our owners… Training is amazing.  We pack as much as we can into the 11 days you are here with us at HQ.  Check out this video to learn more!

Continuous Support System

You are in business for yourself but never by yourself!

We stay with you down the road.  You’ll always have access to our support team! From our grand opening assistance, weekly “start up meetings” to monthly “family video meetings” and an annual owner’s conference – we keep you at the top of your game.  

Robust Software

We’ve built a powerful business software platform that manages workflow, accounting, customers, on-line sales, website, blog, and automated email marketing – it’s easy to keep your business on track!

Here’s what one of our owners had to say about our software, “I have been able to improve the efficiency of my workflow by 1,000,000% with our new software!!! ALL of the post session things are effortless!!”

Marketing & Set Design

Our design team creates fresh sets and marketing materials each fall and spring season keeping our portraits fresh with a classic feel!   You’ll stay ahead of the curve and never get tired or bored of ‘the same old thing.

Other benefits to owning an SRP franchise!

Amazing profit margins!

Our owners keep a generous percent of their gross sales – even after they pay most business expenses, royalties, and commissions!  Our business model is lean and efficient.  

A flexible day job!

That’s right!  We work when our kids are at school – and we take weekends, holidays, and summers off if we want to!  We schedule our morning photo sessions when we want to work.  Check out our Day In The Life of a SRP Franchise Owner.

Respect & Praise

We are not your typical ‘sit, smile, shoot, and move-on’ photographers – we are true portrait artists respected for creating beautiful portraits. You’ll receive praise from schools and parents who truly appreciate and admire your craft!  Check out some award winning images from our owners!

You’ll get so much more

than franchisor support.   

You’ll also gain a…

If you’ve been looking for a franchise to own, you love the idea of working from home, you’re attracted to the idea of owning a business that offers tremendous flexibility, so you can enjoy the life you’ve always wanted to have, fill out the request form below.


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