Account Acquisition Action Plan

Published on July 4, 2020

Work with Territory Development Officer to formulate a custom plan and assign target dates to each item.

Engage Community               

  • Like FB Pages of all target schools  
  • Friend anyone associated with schools         
  • Connect on LinkedIN with anyone associated with schools
  • Announce intentions on social media           
  • Find preschool groups           
  • Join local mom-2-mom groups         
  • Find Preschool Network groups (continuing education providers, director groups)           


Engage with SRP Community                       

  • Be active on SRP Family FB Page    
  • Post and interact with other owners  
  • Participate in monthly family meeting (usually 1st Monday of the month)


Engage with Local Professional Photographers                   

  • Join Local Photographer FB Groups 
  • Join Local Small Business FB Groups                               

Friend Preschool Vendors                 

  • Find contact info for other preschool vendors (soccer shots, tippi toes, tumble bus, music, foreign languages, hair cuts, etc.)     
  • Take vendors to lunch.  Ask for info and referals                    

Announce Opening                

  • Post excitement on your personal social media channels    
  • Post several times at training – include video clips/images 
  • Ask people you know with pre-schoolers what schools they go to and for an introduction to their directors           
  • Ask your peeps if they know any one that is connected to a preschool (director/staff/parent)                   

Gain Confidence                    

Increase Experience – by practicing              

  • Conducting at least 1 photography session per week.          
  • Session must meet SRP min. quality AEPIC
  • Session MUST be processed through EZGo per time standards      
  • Sessions can be free, discounted or paid      
  • Post story about individual sessions and AEPIC images from sessions DAILY                          

Schedule Friends and Family Day on a Saturday                 

  • Invite Close Friends and Family       
  • Conduct session with assistant, following all SRP guidelines         
  • Can give coupons at your own discretion     
  • Find professional location (Country Club/Garden Club/Community Room/Dance or Little Gym Room)                       

Practice Preschool or Charity Event (or both)                     

  • Find charity preschool to bless         
  • Sponsor foster/adopt portrait day                                      

Gain Accounts

  • Announce on personal social media (FB, insta) your intentions                                        
  • Start handwritten letter campaign     
    • Write letters to directors and send marketing material
    • Emphasize Local Business
    • Include business card
    • Include – 3 4×6 images  (Spring, Cap & Gown, Fall)
    • Call to action ask for a short call
  • Handwritten Letter #2           
  • Email campaign to directors 
    • Include new director magazine
    • If contact has not happened, ask for meeting
  • Social Media 
    • Friend/Follow Schools on FB, Insta
    • Connect with Directors/Owners on LinkedIN
    • Join local photographer groups (make friends – get referrals)
    • Join local mom-2-mom or swap groups
  • Schedule Director and Staff appreciation Day         
    • Invite Director/Staff
    • Professional Location (Country Club? Or other location closer to target schools?)
    • Invite includes $160 credit