Acquiring new accounts

Published on July 12, 2017

Create Relationships!

Smiles and a bag of cookies.  Visiting preschools and building relationships are the most effective ways to gain accounts.  Many large companies will have a sales person call the school.  It’s hard to ignore someone standing in front of you with a smile and a treat!

Plan your acquisition strategy

List Schools and add them to your New Business Spreadsheet

Your first task is to make a list of every preschool, daycare, mother’s morning out, etc, in your territory.

  • Google
  • Ask Around
  • Local Mom’s websites
  • Local Family magazines

New Business Spreadsheet

Keeping track of information pertaining to the schools you have talked to is essential to your success!

  • Maintain a detailed log of people you have spoken with and the status of their interest in SRP.
  • Be sure to indicate the next action to be taken and the date by which it should be executed.
    • TIP: Add the action and date to your calendar.

Use our template to keep up with your business prospects: New Business Spreadsheet

The template has the following (you can modify to make it your own)

Action Required?  Yes or No
Status: Prospect; Left Message; Had Phone Conversation; Met With; Loyal to other Photog; Scheduled Session
Status Date
School Rating
Ast. Dir
Current Photographer
School Needs? (Teacher head-shots, marketing images for the website, money from a fundraiser)
Next Steps

TIP:  Try to complete as much of the information as possible before you attempt to contact the school.  You can glean a ton of info from their websites or social media.
Qualifiers to determine if a school is a good fit….
  • Do most the parents have e-mail and use computers?
  • How many children attend the school (more than 60 is ideal)
  • Have they already had photos taken for the season that you are scheduling for?
  • Listen to see if they have had any trouble with their current photographer.
NOTE:  You may acquire what we call “Starter Accounts…” These schools are ones we acquire and photograph, but may not keep in the long run if the school is not a good fit.  This is OK!  It’s good practice for us.  The key is not to be discouraged by low sales and a low order rate… If it’s not a good fit, even if you provide beautiful portraits and great customer service, your efforts may not be appreciated by the masses.