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Published on July 12, 2017

Each franchise owner has their own blog space on our website.

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Use assigned name and password

  • The same guidelines apply for on-line media section above.
  • Remember to keep things POSITIVE and never write about political or controversial issues.

WATCH VIDEO:   How to login, duplicate or update a blog post:

Follow these guidelines to create blog posts that attract the audience we want to attract:

Content is vitally important!  Your post should include a headline that describes the topic, and a few paragraphs (~300 words is ideal – less than 1 page of text) of information on the topic.  Tell a story.  One quick story per post is enough.  As you write, ask yourself, “Does my post convey valuable information for people searching this topic?”  If so, you’re on the right track.  But it doesn’t have to be all business-like and stuffy — you can certainly add a personal touch to your business blog.  Share a funny experience about your own kids or family.  People are drawn to personalities and good stories, not just experts.  Here’s how to dial it in to your local audience.  Always try to include some of the following content in your blog post:

  • Your home city or area
  • The school or organization name
  • Beautiful Preschool Pictures
  • Spoiled Rotten Photography
  • Preschool Photographer
  • Not your average school pictures
  • Always include a link to the school’s (or organization’s) web page

Note: we always refer to our images as portraits, but when most people search, they search for preschool or school pictures- that is why we want to have those words in our content.

Create blog posts to address questions/concerns that you hear from your clients.

  • Benefit: Your clients are searching for those answers on Google and if you have a blog post answering their questions, your name will appear in the results and show that you are an expert in that subject/industry.

Find blogs in the preschool industry, or that pertain to children, toddlers, babies, parenting, and family activities and follow them.  Comment on those posts and provide your perspective on the subject they are mentioning.  This will help you build a relationship with these bloggers and once they get to know you they will learn that you are an expert on preschool photography and hopefully begin interacting and sharing your blog, as well.

  • Benefit: Bloggers are one of the best ways to get publicity for your business online. Building relationships with the right bloggers is the best PR you can have.

EXTRA BONUS BUSINESS BUILDING HINT:  After processing orders, do a wrap up blog post to thank the school and parents for their partnership and feature some of your favorite images.  (Make sure you have permission!)  THIS WILL HELP YOUR SEO!!!

Consistency is key.  Try to publish a new post once/week.  If that is too much for you, then try once every 2 weeks.

  • Benefit: Generating new content on a weekly basis with keywords you want to show up in search results on google will help get your name in front of more people and increase your awareness online.

The more times you blog, the better chance that you will pop up when someone (hopefully a director looking for a photographer) searches for a local photographer.