Cap and Gown Opportunities

Published on July 12, 2017

Things to Consider

  • This can be a great foot in the door at a school!  We’ve heard directors/principals say “we don’t have a kindergarten graduation”, that does not mean that parents wouldn’t cherish a cap and gown portrait!
  • Polish your images! purchase a stole and tassels with the correct year, even if they tell you they have a cap and gown. It’s helpful to purchase 2 of these because they do look much better. (if they come with a tie and white shirt, I skip th stole)… and child sized tassels with the correct year (coordinate with your school’s color… make sure to buy child sized). I bought 2……
  • Check out the sample poses on the shared drive.


Parents want their children to look natural with a great expression! So while “Posing” sounds so well, “posed” learning what looks amazing in a portrait will help you get that natural look!


Posing is NOTHING if you can’t get a great expression. Interaction is the key to authentic expressions. Say something to make them smile. Don’t tell them to smile, make them smile with your smile, your shenanigans, your silly songs.