Charity Events

Published on July 12, 2017

Plan one charity event every year.  Partner with a charity of your choice.  Plan a session, and donate all proceeds to the charity.  Plan the event during your slow time.  Make sure to give yourself plenty of publicity.  Blog about your event.  Promote it on our Facebook page.

Every year in Huntsville, we do an event called “Focus On Autism.”  We donate a complimentary session and a complimentary print (11×14) to families that have a child living with autism.  We ask our lab to donate prints (and they do).  We enlisted other photographers to work with us so we can photograph many children on the same day.  After the session, we upload the photos to our on-line ordering system and give the families a coupon code for their free print.  They can order more portraits if they like at our regular mini-session pricing.  After ordering is complete, we fill the orders and calculate our profit (deduct any expenses we had from the session (labor, advertising, t-shirts, etc) and then cut a check to the charity.

Charity events are royalty-free

We strongly encourage each of you to use your talents and your SRP business to give-back to your community by conducting a charity event each year where you donate all the proceeds to a worthy cause.  We want to take our encouragement one step further by refunding the royalties collected on sales that you donate as a result of your charity event(s).

Here’s how we will handle it:  Each December, send us a brief description of your charity event(s), the total sales generated, and the total amount you’ve donated to the worthy cause(s).  We will refund the royalties collected on the amount your SRP business donated for the event(s) that year