Creating Contacts

Published on July 12, 2017

Creating Contacts

Sign-Up Sessions

When the parents register, EZGo automatically creates them an account in the system and they are assigned a customer (or proof number).  After the deadline for sign-up, send the director the names and classes of the kids that are signed up. The director will make the schedule of who is to be photographed each day and also inform the parents of their session day. For a mini-session, we try to keep the number of kids to about 30 (8-10 minutes for each child). For Campus Candids – 50-60 kids is a good number depending on how many hours you have to photograph . This number could be different for your comfort level.

Non Sign-Up Sessions

The director makes the schedule and informs the parents what day they are scheduled to be photographed. The director should give you contact information so you can make the accounts in EZGo. Some directors are more willing to give you this information than others. Assure them that SRP has a no spam, no sell, and no share policy and we will only contact the parents in regard to their portrait session.

It is easiest if your portrait coordinator (director) completes our template spreadsheet.   The template can be found in EZGo.

To download template- go to EZGo, then to the event, choose view subjects, and then import subjects. Then you’ll see the template available for download.

There is some info in this template that is not needed for Campus Candids.  Delete all columns except:
FirstName, LastName, ClassName,  Teacher, ParentEmail, ParentFirstName, ParentLastName, ParentPhoneNumber, ParentCellPhone

At a bare minimum, you need: FirstName, LastName, ClassName or Teacher, ParentEmail

IMPORTANT – The Headings of the CSV file have to match exactly what is on the template.  If you send the template to the director and they change the headings (field names) the file will not upload.  The most common thing that we’ve seen directors do is add a space in between the words… they have to match exactly or it will not work.

  1. Once you get the spreadsheet back from the director, Save this file as a DOS CSV file.
  2. Go to EZGo and open the Event
  3. Click the “Import Subjects” button
  4. Choose the CSV file with the contact info
  5. Click Save.  If all the heading rows match and you don’t have any extra columns, your contacts should populate!

If for some reason you can not get the contact’s email addresses… do not fret!

  1. Upload as much info as you can get.  (Usually the child’s name and classroom), using the steps above.
  2. The system will not send out automatic emails, but it will create paper handouts to let the parents know their log-in and password.
    • This is also not optimum, because you can not communicate with them by email and the automatic email reminders will not get sent.
    • Make sure to print two copies of the parent hand out if you do not have email addresses.

Here’s an idea…

If the director shows resistance to providing contact information, suggest that they send a letter to the parents explaining the SRP process and ask if anyone objects to giving their information to our company.  See the Example Parent e-mail Opt Out Letter below.

Example Parent Email Opt-Out Letter

(Note- there is also an email template in EZGo called “Campus Candids Parent Info for Director to send” that has this information.)

Dear Parents,
We are excited that Spoiled Rotten Photography will be photographing our children {list dates} for their Campus Candids Portraits program.
Campus Candids is a unique program where the photographers capture your kids on our campus — no studio backdrop, no fuss, no hassle — Just Fun! Check out some of their sample images from Campus Candids here: Campus Candids Gallery
Dressing for Campus Candids: The look of campus candids can vary. The best bet is to send your child in clothes you love!  Solids and small prints always photograph well.

You will have at least 3 poses to choose from, and portrait purchases are made on-line.
We will provide Spoiled Rotten Photography with your e-mail address so they may contact you with your log-in information to view your portraits. They have a strict no-spam, no-sell, no-share policy when it comes to your e-mail address…

If you would NOT like for us to give them your e-mail address please let the office know by X Date.
Thank You!

Creating the Accounts in EZGo for Campus Candids.
For any non-sign up event that you photograph, you need to get the children’s information before the session so you can create the accounts and barcodes. You will need to print the barcodes before your session.
1. Format information in the spreadsheet using the template in EZGo.   The template can be found under Events (choose event) then choose the button “Import Subjects.”  Then download the template, if needed.
2. Make sure to save the file as .csv (this is a comma delimited file)
3. Choose the .csv file and upload to event.  After this step, all the contacts are uploaded and the accounts are created.