Creating Events in EZGo – Manual Method

Published on July 12, 2017
  1. Log into EZGo at using your assigned username and password.
  2. The first step in setting up a school is to create the school account.  From your main menu, click the Add School button and fill in the information needed.
  3. Add event.  Each session needs a unique event.  You can manually create an event:  select the Event Link from the left menu, then click the +Add Event button.
    • Each event is given a number. Use this number to identify your files and your folders that correspond to this event. (i.e. when naming files for download, start your file name with the event number then _, for example if the event number was 104, rename the files when downloading them 104_ then a four digit serial number.
    • IMPORTANT – If you are using a Mac computer make sure you do NOT use a dash ( – ) in your filenames.  An undercore ( _ ) may be used.
  4. Take note of all the dates it asks for in the event screen. These dates will be used in emails to inform your customers when orders are due and when prints are expected to be delivered.  Update them if necessary.
  5. In the Special Instructions field, enter URL that corresponds to the webpage that has specific information about the session. In most cases this will be a blog post URL.  The URL you put in this field will show up as “more info” on the registration page where your customers sign up.
    • BONUS – Creating blog posts for each school and using strategic SEO techniques will greatly increase your local SEO rankings.  This means that when people google for a school photographer in your area, you will have a good page ranking!  <LINK TO SEO GUIDELINES>