Creating Events – Upload from Master Schedule

Published on July 12, 2017

Creating Events by Uploading from the Master Schedule

Once you get a few events on your calendar, it is EXTREMELY useful to use the SRP Master Schedule spreadsheet.

Find this spreadsheet on the Shared Google Drive Here:  SRP Master Schedule Template

This spreadsheet helps you keep up with all the important dates and calculates some of the dates for you depending on if it is an elective session or not.

Description of Fields

Blue Fields – ones that get uploaded to EZGo
Black Fields – Helpful information for managing events
Red Fields – Calculated Fields
SchoolId Important that this is correct; once you create the school, EZGo will assign a School ID
SchoolName This is just for you to identify for this spreadsheet only
Days and Start Time This is for you to put the actual days of the week that the session will take place and the start time for each day
Name Session Name
PhotoShootDate The First Day of the Session
EndDate The Last Day of the Session (If session is one day, the PhotoShootDate and EndDate will be the same.
SpecialInstructions Enter Blog Post URL that is specific to this session.
PickupInstructions This field is not used.
Photographer Photographer
Assistant Assistant
Assistant Notes Any notes
Total Subjects Total number of kids in the school
SessionType This is a drop down, it is important because the session type determines if there is a link for sign up or not.
# Kids CC Number of kids for campus candids (use this field for campus candids only… so you can total and know how many flyers you need)
# Kids Mini Number of kids for elective mini-session (use this field for mini-sessions only… so you can total and know how many sets of marketing materials you need)
Other Flyers Use this number for miscellaneous sessions.
Lead Days for delivery of Marketing Material (21 Days for Sign up, 14 days for non-sign up) Enter 14 for non-sign up sessions and 21 for sign up sessions
Deliver Marketing Material This is a calculated date (PhotoShootDate – Lead Days)
Send first email Calculated date (PhotoShootDate – Lead Days)
Hand out Second Flyer This will be na for non-sign up sessions or (PhotoShootDate – 14 days)
Sign Up By (Wed – the week before session) Manually entered date- usually the Wednesday the week prior to the session start date
Send final email Calculated date (Sign up date – 2 days)
ExpectedPostDate Calculated date (PhotoShootDate + 3 Days) * You may want to adjust this date.  It gets sent out to your cusomers and lets them know when to expect your proofs to be posted.  If you can not post them within 3 days change this date.  Our no later than standard is 7 days.
OrdersDueDate Calculated date (EndDate + 10 days).  Check date- do not end on a holiday.  Do not give more than 10 days to order.  Increasing this time will decrease your orders.
Date Orders Retouched Place holder for you to write in when complete.
Date Orders Sent to Lab Place holder for you to write in when complete.
Date Orders Checked and Packaged Place holder for you to write in when complete.
ExpectedDeliveryDate Calculated Date (OrdersDueDate + 4 weeks). This date gets sent out to your customers.
Date Orders & Commission Delivered and Mailed Place holder for you to write in when complete.

Video on how to upload events from your SRP Master Schedule

Upload Events from Spreadsheet from MelissaTash on Vimeo.