Customer Care

Published on July 12, 2017

The first thing we want you to think of when pondering how to deal with a situation, is “How would I like to be treated”

THINK THE BEST OF EVERYONE.  You might think someone is trying to swindle you or get something out of you for free… but most of the time, it’s just a mis-understanding and can be corrected easily by a conversation.

  • Notice the term CONVERSATION.  If you ever have an unhappy person, DO NOT EMAIL OR TEXT THEM.
  • You can not tell tone over email.  Just pick up the phone and call them.

Our Promise & Refund Policy                                                                                

Our Promise to our customers:  “We think you’ll LOVE your images; if you don’t, there is no obligation to purchase.  If you are not satisfied with your portraits for any reason, we’ll make it right or gladly refund your money.”

We stand by our promise.  We must remember at all times, that we are in business for our clients.  They are the reason we are in business.  We must be fair and friendly with every exchange.  Remember — difficult people have wonderful friends who also become wonderful customers.

Handling Unusual Requests                                                               

Customers will ask you for all types of requests all the time.


  • If they are asking for a discount on something we offer, it is simply not in our best (long-term) interest to do so.
  • Our products are priced fairly.  If we give discounts, we are inadvertently telling a customer that our work is overpriced.
  • Customers who are given discounts will also continue to ask for them season after season.
  • Offering discounts is a common mistake for amateur photographers – and one reason their businesses fail.
  • Let customers know that our pricing structure is already designed to reward larger purchases with discounts.

If a client wishes to print an image on a cake, I’d say that would be a kind gesture for us to approve and it is not taking any money from our pockets.

Deferred Payment

  • If a client tells you they are broke and can not afford the portraits, but really want them — offer to take their order now and keep it on lay away.
  • Ask when they can make a payment and send them the invoice on that date.
  • If you need to split the payment up into multiple payments, you have to create separate invoices for the partial payments.
    • Send emails with the link to pay particular invoices on the dates you agreed upon.
    • HINT: You can schedule emails to be sent at a later time.
    • It is always ok to waive the late shipping and processing charge, if you feel so inclined.