Email and Social Media Marketing

Published on July 12, 2017

At the beginning of each season, you will be sent an email template for your initial and reminder emails along with a social media reminder.  Update these emails with the specific school information to send out to your directors.  * Use your master schedule to help keep up with when each email needs to be sent!

  1.  Initial Info Email – ask the directors to forward your information email 2 weeks before the event to their parents promoting our portraits.  Make sure to modify the template for any specific school information (for actual dates, and links to their school’s sign up, etc).
    • BONUS!!!  Create a blog post for each school.  Make sure to use SEO guidelines.  Send link to blog post to the director to send to parents.  The blog post will have links to the direct sign up.  THIS WILL GREATLY improve your LOCAL SEO!   Use this blog post URL for special instructions in your event details so parents can be directed to this blog post when they sign up.
  2.  Reminder to sign up Email – 2 days before the end of sign up and the directors to forward email again to remind parents to sign up!
    • Remember that you can schedule emails for a later date.  When you are sending your initial email to your director, go ahead and schedule your reminder email.
  3. Portraits Tomorrow Email – quick email to parents reminding them of their portrait session. (Note after you have accounts created in EZGo, use the system to send email to parents and director.)

WATCH VIDEO:   How to login, duplicate or update a blog post:

IMPORTANT: If you use your personal email account to send emails to multiple people – Always USE BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) Anytime you email more than one parent.  Protect their email addresses by using your BCC field.