Email and Social Media Marketing

Published on May 23, 2016

At the beginning of each season, EZGo will be updated with email templates for each set.   

  1. When you create an event, the blog post will be created automatically with templates provided by HQ for the following sessions:
    • Mini-Sessions (using the current set)
    • Family Portrait Day (using the current set)
    • Campus Candids (Outdoor)
    • Campus Candids (Indoor)
    • Cap and Gown
    • Your’s Truly – the template is provided and you must copy and paste content, edit to include appropriate background.
  2. Edit blog post as needed
    • The blog post will have links to the direct sign up.  THIS WILL GREATLY improve your LOCAL SEO!   
    •  Make sure to modify the Blog Sample for any specific school information (blog pulls information from the event screen for dates and type session).
  3. Create Social Media Square.
    • We provide you a sample that you can edit for each school.  Send this to your director by email OR even better- send in social media message and have them post it.  Send with text to direct customers to sign up.
    • Here’s some SAMPLE text:  Hey! Here’s a graphic for your social media… could you please post? With this text: Parents, don’t forget our Spring portraits are ELECTIVE! Sign up for beautiful portraits to be created of your little one by Tues. March 6th! Sign up Here:
  4. Send Email to Parents – Send info email to director so they can forward to parents.
    • Use email template in EZGo to send
    • Ask director to forward your information email 3 weeks before the event to their parents promoting our portraits. 
  5.  Reminder to sign up Email – 2 days before the end of sign up.  Forward social media square and a link to the blog post… have director email to parents.
    • Remember that you can schedule emails for a later date.  When you are sending your initial email to your director, go ahead and schedule your reminder email.

HINT:  Use your grid view in events to help keep up with your schedule. A red box will appear on any dates that are past due.

  1. When you create an event, default dates will populate for your event.  We recommend you look at t

IMPORTANT: If you ever use your personal email account to send emails to multiple people – Always USE BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) Anytime you email more than one parent.  Protect their email addresses by using your BCC field.