Family Portrait Days

Published on July 12, 2017

Plan a family portrait day at least 2 times a year – usually at the end of each season.  Find a location (such as a neighborhood clubhouse or a school) and schedule it for a Saturday event.   Schedule 15 minute sessions for a session fee ($25 is our typical session fee).  Take the photographs using the most recent set.

Market these sessions to current and previous families, post on Facebook, and send out to your email list.  Typical participants will be older siblings of kids you photographed at the preschools, families, and kids who were absent from their school’s session.  Keep this event in mind and promote it throughout the season as a “make-up” day for families who miss their school picture day.

You can be really savvy and partner with a school at the end of your season, and have them host your Family Portrait Day.  Schedule the school to be on Friday, then leave your set overnight for the Saturday Family Portrait day.

Post and sell the photos.  If you don’t want people coming to your home for pick up, set-up the gallery to require home shipping.

Here is a sample blog post that you can modify for your event: