Filing forms 1098 & 1099-MISC

Published on January 30, 2017

Filing 1098/1099s

Each January, we are required to provide each person we paid $600 or more (during the previous year) with a 1099-MISC form.

We are also required to send Copy A to the IRS on or before January 31st each year, along with form 1098.  Form 1098 is a summary form.  

If you prefer to use paper forms, please be aware you CAN NOT send the pdf printable form to the IRS!  For paper submissions, they require official pre-printed paper forms that you may order for free from the IRS, here.

We can also send the forms to the IRS online.  Use this link to file your 1099 info with the IRS.

Print this 1099 pdf form to send to all the contractors you paid $600 or more to during the previous year.

You only need to give contractors “Copy B.”  Fill-out the name, address and tax id sections.  Then, put their total amount paid in box 7.  Leave all the other boxes blank.  Mail or hand deliver before the end of January.

You may need to mail “Copy 1” of each 1099 to your state.  The state reporting deadline is usually the middle or end of February.  Alabama only requires a Copy 1 if you paid a person $1500 or more during the year.  Please check with your state before reporting.