Fundraiser Sessions

Published on July 12, 2017

Fundraiser sessions are operated like a mini-session, but instead of the session benefiting a school, it benefits an organization.  There are 2 different commission types — you can determine which is best for your studio.

  1. Sell Certificates – here the organization sells portrait certificates (usually $25 or more — for the session).  The organization keeps the money from the certificate sales.  You keep the portrait sales.
  2. Give a percentage of sales back to the organization — In this option, you can choose to charge a reservation fee or not.  We highly encourage you to charge a reservation fee.  People are more likely to honor a reservation if they’ve made an investment in the session.  After sales are complete, you donate a percentage of your profit to the organization.

Fundraiser session example

A local PTA or PTO would like to do a fundraiser with you.  You determine the time and date of your session, and the number of sessions you plan to conduct.  A 15 minute session time is typical for families.  The PTA or PTO volunteer sells the certificates.  Families sign up on line.  You call each family to schedule the session time (use this time to also relationship build with your clients- ask about clothing choices, ask for any clarification on special requests from their sign-up).  You take the photos, and process like normal.  If you don’t want people coming to your home to pick up portraits, you can deliver the portraits to your organizational contact, or require them to choose the home shipping option when purchasing.

Here is a sample planning email that you can modify for your specific details:


Row of pics Family Portait Day

Family Portrait Day sessions are a great opportunity to capture the whole family, or just the siblings, or whoever you like!
  • We’ll need to pick a Saturday that does not have too many conflicts (usually in early Nov)
  • We’ll provide you with marketing material (blog post, email and newsletter content, facebook or instagram images)
  • You promote the session!  Through all your communication channels. A great session will have 10-15 families.
  • Families sign up on our website and we will contact each family to schedule their session time.
  • You collect the session fee.  (Usually $25-$50) per family.  This is the PTO’s money to keep.
  • PTO provides a room (20 ft x 20ft or larger) that is accessible to families (close to an entrance that is not locked).
  • We will also donate 10% back to your PTO.
  • Families order portraits on line.
  • We deliver the portraits to the school (or the family can opt for home shipping).
Can we talk tomorrow at 10am to see if this is a great fit for your PTO?   If that time does not work, give me a couple of dates and times that work with your schedule.
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