Handling Media Cards

Published on November 16, 2021

Handling Media Cards

Media card technology is extremely stable!  They can last for years, endure spills, heat, cold, and be run through the washing machine (and dryer) and still work!  All brands are likely great, but we use SanDisk Extreme cards.  The packaging insert contains a free 16 digit license for their SanDisk RescuePRO software.  The software is $39 without the license, so KEEP your PACKAGING INSERT!

  • Use your camera to ‘format’ media cards before each use.
  • Use a media card wallet of some type – do not put media cards in your pockets – they could end up in the wash!
  • Keep your media cards with you until you reach your office.  Cars get broken into during lunch and thieves love laptops and camera equipment.
  • Replace media cards after 1 year – best time to buy new ones is Black Friday.
  • Replace media cards if they have chips, cracks, or any visible damage.

Media Card Failures

  1. Edges can crack and split away, inside your camera!  If this happens, use tweezers to pull the broken bits of plastic out of your camera’s card slot.  Download files and throw card away.
  2. File corruption happens – a card may not read or does not display all the files you expect.  We have successfully used SanDisk RescuePRO software to recover lost files!  After recovering files, throw the card away.