Handling Refunds

Published on July 12, 2017

How to Give a Full Refund

Log into Authorize.net and search settled transactions by the customer’s last name.  Each payment includes a reference number at the far left that is underlined.  Click on it and then click “refund.”  The amount of the total payment is already pre-filled in the amount box.  In the memo box, clear the text that is listed and enter the words “SRP REFUND.”  Submit.  The refund will process at the end of the business day.  It will not be immediately available on your client’s credit card statement.

How to Give a Partial Refund

Sometimes a customer makes an order and pays and then realizes they didn’t put in their 30%OFF code.  Here’s what we have to do:

To process the refund:

  1. NOTE: Partial refunds are not possible on the same day the order is placed.  We must wait until after midnight, when the day’s transactions settle.
  2. If the transaction has settled, log into Authorize.net.  Search ‘settled transactions’ with the customer’s last name.  Find the customer’s payment.  The reference number at the far left is underlined.  Click on it and then click “refund.”  Calculate the refund amount (30% of the total payment, in this case) and enter that number in the box.  Enter the words “30% REFUND on the memo line.

To correct the sales information in PhotoCart:

  1. Click on the order number to open it
  2. Click Edit order information.
  3. Calculate the correct amount for coupon discount amount (remember this is a pre-sales tax number), the new sales tax, and the new total payment.
  4. Enter the calculated numbers into the appropriate boxes.  Click the black “save changes” button and the order will display as paid on the next page and the gallery sales math will be correct.


Original order:

$150.00   prints

$  12.00   sales tax

$162.00   total payment


Corrected order:

$150.00    prints

$  45.00    coupon discount

(enter in coupon box)

$105.00    subtotal

$    8.40    new sales tax amount

(enter in tax box)

Royalties will be adjusted for Refunds in December

From time to time, you may refund a customer’s payment that was initially made during a previous 2-week sales period.  In such a case, you will have effectively paid royalties on a sale that was subsequently refunded.  Each December, we will reduce your final royalty debit to accommodate the lost sales that occur during the year due to customer refunds. Generally, the total adjustment is less than $50 for the year.