How to Accept Prepaid Credit Cards or Multiple Credit Cards

Published on July 12, 2017

How to Accept Prepaid Credit Cards

Our payment system will reject these cards because they do not have a billing address or zip code associated with them.  If a customer calls and wants to use one of these cards, here’s what you can do. Log in to your account.  Select “Account.”  Select “Address Verification Service.”  You will see 2 charts.  In the top chart, uncheck the line associated with the letter U.  See the images below.

Your screen may look like this:


Or, your screen may look like this:



With U unchecked, the processor will not see any address information. It’s OK to leave it unchecked for a few days, but recommends we keep it checke

d most of the time.


How to Accept more than 1 Credit Card

Sometimes a customer makes an order and wishes to pay with more than one card.  To do this, they will need separate invoices for each partial payment.   Find out how many cards the customer wishes to use and and how much to charge to each card.  In Photocart, search for the customer by name.  Once you have their account open, click on the tab labeled “Generate Invoice.”  You can create as many invoices as you wish to make it work.  Don’t worry about calculating the sales taxes or shipping — keep those sections empty!

Each of the invoices will show up as a new order for that customer.  

Once the customer has paid in full, you may delete all the individual payments and then use the “add payment” option to mark the original order as paid.  This will keep your “$/order” number and sales tax and shipping amounts correct.