How to handle late orders

Published on July 12, 2017

Late orders can be a bit of a pain if you don’t have a solid process to handle them!  People place late orders for all kinds of reasons… forgot to order, need more prints, damaged their prints, etc.  Treat them with the same promptness as you would a regular order.  Here is a solid process that will help you keep up with late orders.

  • After regular ordering ends, change the Photocart due date to a later date.
    • Do not change the event orders due date in EZGo unless you want the people who have not placed an order to continue to get reminder emails.
    • HINT… change all your galleries to the same date.  For example if it is a Fall session, make all the late dates the absolute latest date that you want to receive orders to have them ready to ship for Christmas.  This will allow all of your galleries to have late ordering without you worrying about opening up individual galleries for customers.
  • Change the Shipping Type to “Late”.
    • You can modify the shipping types in Photocart under Settings/Shipping.  You can change the price and options there.  
    • Suggested Late shipping is $10 or $15.  Remember it costs you more to process a late order.  You pay more in time by pulling the files manually, placing a separate order in ROES (is much quicker to process in batch), it costs you more for the prints (min order with the lab- plus higher print cost b/c you can not use Volume pricing).  And then you either have to receive the order and re-package the order and mail it or drop ship form the lab.
    • Leave the “Disable Shipping for the Gallery” option to “No”
    • On the order screen, the shipping type will now show “LATE” and you will know to manually pull and process this order.
  • Make a “Admin Note” (at the bottom of the order screen) on the order to say how it was processed (if you drop-shipped it to the customer directly from the lab or if you ordered the prints as an add on to another school)
  • Process the order. 
    • Select Direct Prints
    • Add Images
    • Choose from appropriate folder
    • Select Direct Luster
    • Choose size for image, adjust as necessary, choose quantity and click add to order
    • Continue to click and drag images until all images have been added to cart
    • View Cart (make sure quantity is correct. If they order a unit, it is necessary to input the number of images included in that unit; i.e.,  5×7 unit is 2 images, wallet unit is 8 images… etc.)
    • Internal ID: Event number, School Name, drop ship, order number
    • You can add on prints to another order or drop ship the individual order from the lab.
      • HINT….. Make your life easier!  Drop ship directly from the Lab.  It cost a little more, because you’ll have meet the min order for the lab… but you won’t have to re-package and mail it to them.. and it’s quicker.
    • Complete and Send Order
    • Change order Status to “Processed”… this way you will be able to look at any Late orders and know the status.
    • Save as PDF in appropriate folder under finals 
    • Print first page, staple to order and file for records