In Camera Cropping

Published on June 5, 2016

Intentional In-Camera Cropping is your FRIEND!

  • Ensures your customers can receive the complete image they see in their proofs.
    • Important parts of their image are not cropped out when they choose a different ratio print than what the proof is sized
    • 4×6 (2.5×3.5 wallet)  is long and skinny, 5×7 is a little less skinny, and 8×10 (4×5, 11×14, 16×20) are more square
    • You will save customer angst and phone calls to you if you do this correctly.
  • Post processing will be more efficient!
    • You can batch process many proof at one time
    • Speed through your proofing and cropping and spend more time with your family!

crop lines-Viewfinder lines defined- headshot

crop lines-Viewfinder lines defined

crop lines horizontal example