Indoor Campus Candids

Published on July 12, 2017

If you are planning a campus candids session, you should have an back up plan in case of rain, high winds  or cold weather.  Make sure to only schedule outside sessions when the weather is typically good for your particular climate!  But in case Mother Nature throws you a curve ball, you’ll need a back up plan.  There are two options.

  • This can be a good option if the school really wanted outdoor portraits.  It takes some logistical work, but if the director is set on outdoor portraits, just reschedule. 
  • Indoor Campus Candids- use a one or two light set up with shallow depth of field to create a pleasing fun portrait in the classroom.
    1. You can go from classroom to classroom using different set ups, or if the school has a good spot, you can stay stationary. This depends on the director and the facilities.

Here are some samples of indoor campus candids: 

Indoor Campus Candids infants

Indoor Campus Candids 2

Indoor Campus Candids 3