Introduction to SRP

Published on July 12, 2017


Welcome to the Spoiled Rotten Photography (SRP) family! This operations manual is your complete guide and reference to operate a sustainable, profitable franchise. Use this manual as your guide for all stages of your photography business.

Our Product:  Boutique Studio-Quality School Photography

Our product is a timeless, high quality portrait created in a school environment.    Obtaining this type of photograph within a school environment can present many challenges; however, we have a proven method that maximizes success at producing high quality portraits in a school setting. 

We photograph children at pre-qualified preschools where at least 90% of the parents own a computer and use the internet.

We educate parents on the quality of portrait they will receive.

We provide beautiful marketing material that gives clothing suggestions and shows the actual set that will be used for their children’s portraits.

We develop a connection with the children and know how to work with them to swiftly create an optimal portrait.

We collect orders easily and efficiently through the use of EZGo, our specially designed on-line ordering software

Our Target Market

Our target customer is a parent who values quality photography and is willing to pay for it. These customers have middle to upper class incomes, a high speed internet connection, and enroll their children at high-quality day-care,  pre-school or mother’s morning out facilities. These families generally have two working parents who do not have extra time to take off work to schedule custom photo sessions at a local studio.

Educating the Parents

We educate potential customers about our program, products and pricing and then let them decide whether or not to have their child photographed. This process primes the customer to send their child to school in appropriate clothing for pictures and ultimately make a portrait purchase. Approximately three weeks before the portrait event, we send literature to the school. This literature explains the SRP process, gives clothing suggestions, and contains pictures of the actual set that will be used during the portrait session.


This manual is designed to provide Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise owners with information about the initial set up and operation of a Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise.  Every attempt has been made to insure that the information in this manual is correct and accurate and up to date.  The Purple Crown, LLC does not warrant that this is true in every instance.

Laws, procedures, and regulations change frequently and are subject to different interpretations. The franchise owner must verify all information contained in this manual.  No content in this manual is a substitute for qualified legal and/or professional advice.  In all situations pertaining to local, state or federal law, it is the responsibility of the franchise owner to obtain specific information from the appropriate government agency or other competent entity.