Make Originals and Web Proofs (Bridge Method)

Published on July 12, 2017

Initial Download

  • Create a primary folder using the folder naming convention (SESSION#-School Name- Type Session)
  • Create the following sub folders — ‘Originals,’ ‘Raw,’ and ‘Web.’
  • Download your files as soon as you can after your session (same day) into the ‘Raw” folder
  • Make sure all your files are downloaded (check to see that the last image appears on your drive after the download)
  • Download Raw files to your Primary Internal (RAID) Drive – location 1
  • Also Save Raw files to an external back-up drive – location 2
  • Use the file-name convention of SESSION#_Sequence Number

IMPORTANT:  Your images should be on at least 2 drives before formatting the card for re-use.

Select Images to show customers

Watch Video:  Cropping and Adjusting Raw Files to make Jpgs (Bridge Method)

Create subfolders

  1. g you

Tag your images

  1. Using Adobe Bridge,
    • 2* all barcodes (you will upload these to the server for sorting into sub-folders)
    • 3* images to show in proof set
    • 4* images you need to edit in Photoshop before posting
    • 5* Photographer Favorites- to mark as such in the proof set (8 images if possible)

Make Jpgs from chosen files

  1. Filter for 2*s (barcodes only).  Use custom crop to center crop (to just include the sticker).
    • Save all barcode images to the “Originals” folder.
    • Make sure all 4 corners of the barcode are viewable in the image
  2. Filter for 3*s and higher
  3. Open in Bridge (Ctrl+A selects all, Ctrl+R opens in Adobe Camera Raw)
  4. Crop images to best possible crop
    • Your clients can order images in 4×6 (long and skinny) to 8×10 (more square) ratios.
    • We want the proof that they see to be able to accommodate any of these crops.
    • If you pay attention to your in-camera cropping guides, this is easy!
    • As a baseline, crop the landscape images to 5×7 and the portrait images to 8×10.
  5. Adjust for exposure if needed (again here if you are diligent about your settings when photographing, there should be few adjustments)
  6. Save as 300 PPI Full Resolution (not resized) in the Originals folder
    • MAKE SURE – blue size link at bottom of the bridge screen does not resize for original images.  Make sure it is at 300 PPI!
  7. Save into originals folder.
    • You can only have one originals folder per event.

Make Web Jpgs from chosen files

  1. Now you need to make small copies of these same files to post to the web.
  2. Open the jpg files you just saved in the Originals folder in Adobe Camera Raw.
    • (You can make the small web files from the raw files, but if you make the web files from the jpg files- it processes faster.)
  3. In bridge on the blue link at the bottom of the screen, check the resize checkbox, set to 1200 px on longest side, and 72PPI.
    • REMEMBER to change this back when you are processing your next set of originals.
  4. Check – sharpen for screen.
  5. Save all files to a web folder.
  6. Press Done.
    1. This will save all of your changes that you made in Bridge.
    2. If you select cancel your changes will be lost.