Marketing for Sessions

Published on May 23, 2016

It is extremely important that we inform and prepare parents for our quality product.
There is no other school portrait company like Spoiled Rotten, and parents are simply
not accustomed to receiving quality portraits from their schools.

We will provide excellent quality portraits, and want the parents to understand this so they will dress
their children appropriately and ultimately make a substantial investment in the portraits.

For sign up sessions — deliver the marketing material at least 3 weeks before the
session dates. You have to give a definite deadline for parents to sign up!

Have the sign up deadline 1 week before the session starts. You will write the sign-up deadline
on the poster and in the email that goes out to the directors to send to their families.

The marketing package consists of:

Initial Handout – Sent home directly to the parents 3 weeks before the event.

Posters – Posted at the school 3 weeks before the event.
DO NOT allow the school to set the materials on the desk for parents to pick up. Parents are very busy and are preoccupied with their kids that have just been released from school. Make sure the school puts the fliers in the students’ cubbies, folders, or backpacks.
Follow Up Handout — Sent home 2 weeks before the event. This is designed to catch the parents that did not get the handout the 1st time and to remind those who have not signed up to sign up.
School Display — One week before the portrait event. This is optional, but recommended for new schools and schools that don’t have a car line. If a school has a car line, the parents will most likely not see the material.   If possible, set up and host an exhibit at the school information table. Display a wall portrait from the set that you’ll be using and have your marketing brochures available for anybody that needs one. If you can be there for pick-up, then try to meet and talk to as many children and their parents as possible.

Dress professionally! This is your opportunity to sell your skills and educate the parents that they are receiving a custom portrait session, not “sit-smile-move-on” type pictures. Think high-end when discussing your product.
You will sell what you show! Therefore, display fabulous samples of your highest revenue producing products.