Networking for Contacts

Published on June 3, 2016

IMPORTANT: The number one way to generate leads is word of mouth.

It is very important to tell everyone you know what you do when you meet them.

  • “I am a photographer”  — says very little and you miss an opportunity to generate a lead.
  •  “I own Spoiled Rotten Photography!  We bring a boutique portrait experience to preschools. We give parents a convenient way to get beautiful portraits at very reasonable prices — and give schools what they want — an easy fundraiser.” 
  • This is your mini-commercial; your elevator speech.  You can make it your own, but use it often — you never know who might have a friend that needs us.

ASK… Don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Ask friends, relatives and acquaintances if they work at, go to, or know anyone who works at a preschool. 
  • Civic organizations, churches, and service organizations are great places to network.