Office Assistant / Retoucher

Published on July 12, 2017

Hiring an Office Assistant / Retoucher

Until you get 10 or more schools scheduled, you should be able to handle all the retouching and office tasks yourself.  When you get to the point where you need someone to help you maintain your quality of life (manage family time), consider hiring an office assistant.  Office assistants are part-time employees, not independent contractors.  Contact your accountant for help with quarterly payroll activities necessary for employees.  All employees are required to fill-out IRS form  W-9. and IRS Form W-4, before starting work.

Office Assistant / Retoucher Requirements:

  • Quick learner with an aptitude for computer software
  • Eyes corrected to 20/20 and able to see color (not color blind)
  • Great organization skills
  • Is reliable and has reliable transportation

Office Assistant / Retoucher Roles and Responsibilities

This description should be modified to meet your specific requirements, but here is a starting point:

  • Download cards to primary and back-up drives
  • Choose images to show in the proof set
  • Adjust exposure and crop of images
  • Upload images to on-line ordering system
  • Print Order summary
  • Enhance images using photo editing software
  • Upload images to lab for printing
  • Check orders from lab and package for customer delivery
  • Other office or computer tasks as assigned
  • Packaging

Note: If you are working from your home, make sure the office assistant is someone that you like to be around and likes to be around your family.    This person should be trustworthy and easily adaptable to any tasks you need performed.