Ops Overview

Published on July 12, 2017

Operations Overview

This chapter is an overview of the types of sessions we photograph and our software tools that help us manage our work.

SRP Session Types

Mini Sessionthis is typically a 10 minute session where we strive to capture 10-15 unique images.  Typically this session is conducted on our sets, but could be outside if the school has a facility with appropriate grounds.  We require parents to pre-register for this type session. 

MiniSession pics

Campus Candids Session — This is a quick session of 1-3 minutes, usually outside, where we strive to capture at least 3 unique and beautiful images. Typically this session is done in the school setting without studio backdrops or props.

Campus Candids Pic4

Cap and Gown — 1-3 minute session where we strive to capture 3-6 unique images of each child in their cap and gown.

   Cap and Gown

Spoiled Rotten Custom Session — Session done for one family (not at a school).


Family Portrait Days — Mini sessions (usually on a Saturday) where anyone can sign up to be photographed. This session is typically photographed at the end of a season on the set.  This session can also be used as a “make-up” session.

   family portrait day

Fundraising Session — A family portrait day done for a particular organization — we typically donate 10% of our profits to the organization OR sell certificates for the session and the organization keeps the proceeds from the certificate sales.

Charity Events — Same as a fundraising session, but with all the proceeds donated to a charity.

Operations Overview

At SRP, there are many steps that we take to deliver beautiful portraits to parents.  Below is just a quick overview of the steps we go through to produce our portraits. Each step is discussed in detail later in the ops manual.  This is a high-level overview.