Optional PhotoCart Setups

Published on July 12, 2017

Set up Gallery for Immediate Downloadable Images after Payment Only

This configuration can be used for special events only.  For example, if you do a Santa session where you want customers to be able to download their images from PhotoCart.

  1. Create new price group
  • turn edit image notes off
  1. Add Product
  • Name product: Digital Image Download
  • Change “Download image?” to Original Size
  • Add description: (something like)
    • Image will not have logo or watermark
    • File can be printed up to 5×7 size
    • Download your image immediately after check out
    • After payment with credit card, choose the CONTINUE button.
    • NOTE:  you may get a message that says you are going to a non-encrypted site- that is ok, it is still our site!
    •  Then you will see the button to download to your computer.

Set up Gallery

  1. Create Photo Cart Gallery
  2. Choose appropriate Price group (the new one you created above)
  3. Set up slideshow and splash page as usual
  4. File Upload
    • Make sure to upload the size file that you want your customer to download
    • Choose option to upload original file size