Overcoming Objections

Published on July 12, 2017

Possible answers and replies when a director has an objection.  This could be on the phone or in person.  NOTE: Phone calls and emails ARE NOT EFFECTIVE.  In person is the most effective method:

  • Objection: “We have already booked with Teddy Bear Portraits.” {or whoever}
    • Reply: “Awesome, we work with many schools that have traditional school picture programs already in place.  Our program is so different, and it’s elective, so only the parents that want to have their children’s portrait made, participate.  It’s really easy, all we need from you is to hand out our information, and give us a room to have the portrait session in.
  • Objection:  What is so special about your program; tell me about your program”
    • Answer: ” We love working with pre-school aged children.  Our mission is to create beautiful portraits of each and every child (actually our goal is to get 10-12 beautiful images to show each parent).  We use timeless sets and tell the parents before the shoot exactly what the set will look like and suggest clothing that will coordinate with the set.  We work very hard to give the parents amazing beautiful portraits — not just school pictures. We work hard to make the time we are at your school easy for you and your staff.  Parents love having this service at their school.  We also have a commission program and a director and teacher discount program.”
  • Objection:  No thanks, I’m happy with the photographer I have.
    • Reply:  “Awesome — so glad your photographer is serving you well!  We serve many other schools that have regular school photographers. And because our program is elective — only the parents that are interested participate in the program. (in our first year at a school, history shows that approx 50% participate. 60-70 % participate in the following years.)
  • Objection: “I’m too busy to talk.”
    • Reply: “Ok, the only reason I was calling is to set up a meeting — would Tuesday at 10:30 work?”  At this point, most will tell you the real reason: “I’m really happy with what I’ve got.”   See response above.
  • Objection: “I’m not interested.”
    • “Several schools have the same reaction – but once they get to see our program they change their minds.  We have a really easy way for your school to raise funds — and your parents will love having this service at their school. Could I tell you about what we have to offer?”
  • Objection:  “I don’t make that decision.”
    • Reply:  “Could I please have the contact information of who I need to contact?”  Most directors make the decision, but sometimes the owners do.
  • Objection: What’s in it for me?
    • Reply: “First off, we provide a valuable service for your parents — they appreciate having this service so convenient for them!  We provide a 50% discount for directors and assistant directors and a 30% discount for teachers.  We have a handsome commission program.
  • Objection: I don’t think my parents would be interested.  Let me just take your flyers and pass them out to get feedback from our parents.
    • Reply: I love the idea of getting feedback from your parents.  I can help you with that!  Let’s just pick a day to do the session, pass out the materials and see if enough people sign up.  This is real easy for you… just pass out the materials and send an email to your parents.  If we don’t have enough we can cancel, but if we do… we can create beautiful portraits for your parents.

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