Packaging Orders for delivery

Published on July 12, 2017

Quality is of the utmost importance.

  • DO NOT LET THINGS SLIDE!  If you think anything needs to be re-printed, edited differently, whatever — reprint the order.
  • If you would not be happy with the print, or you can see flaws, just re-order the print.
  • NEVER deliver inferior quality to a customer.
  1. Match prints with the order summary sheet. Your orders will arrive from the lab in a plastic bag.   Match the prints from the lab with the order summary sheet and check to make sure the quality is good and everything is correct and complete with their order.
    • The Lab packages our orders by sight… so if there is a similar looking kid with similar clothes, they could be accidentally packaged in the same bag.
    • Also if there is 2 orders for the same child (back to back) the lab my combine orders into one package, even though they are two orders.
    • You need to inspect each print for quality (no bent corners, no strange black marks across the print, proper color, proper editing, etc…)
    • Couple things about the Order Summary Sheet… If the customer orders 2 of the same image… it looks like this on the invoice:
    • Invoice with multiple units
    • Know the difference between Unit and Single print from a la cart.
    • Invoice with Unit and A la cart
  2. Each invoice should have a hand written “Thank You” on it from when it was retouched.
  3. To package the prints, start with the SRP packaging insert that has copyright, portrait care and digital rights info printed on it.
    • This is a cardstock used to prevent the portraits from bending.
  4. Place your favorite 8×10 on the front of the package.  If they did not order and 8×10, just pick your favorite.
  5. Place different sized prints on opposite sides of the cardstock insert.  Stacking prints this way will prevent creasing.  Insert them into the clear plastic bag.
  6. Apply a Spoiled Rotten sticker on each order.
  7. Insert the invoice in the back (make sure their name and oder number can be seen from the back of the order) and any additional marketing material you may have for upcoming events.
  8. Organize orders by class.
  9. Write the director a nice thank you note and include with the commission check.
  10. Deliver Portraits and Commission Check.
  11. Set up dates for the next season’s portrait session.
  12. Send Portraits delivered email to customers.
  13. Send Portraits delivered email to the director or portrait coordinator. Make sure to change the email “To” field to the director.