Personal Social Networks and Blogs

Published on July 12, 2017

Personal Social Networks and Blogs

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or others, you need to represent yourself in a professional manner.  If you have a personal blog or Facebook account, you need to always represent yourself in a professional manner there, as well.

  • Posting unprofessional content on your personal Facebook page reflects poorly on the brand.
  • Do not include any images that people could construe as distasteful.
  • Refrain from  ALL negativity.  Promote peace and love… never promote hate towards any individual or group.
  • Talking badly about anyone (especially media-centric people such as politicians or celebrities) is not allowed.

Each franchise owner has access to their own blog. Use this forum to connect with your customers and deliver content that will put you to the top of google searches.  To login to your blog:

Use assigned user name and password.

Additional Resources:

Social Media is always changing, as you’ve noticed with your own Facebook account. There are some great blogs and e-newsletters you can follow to help you stay on top of these changes and make sure you are following best practices.

Mashable: They provide real-time information about changes in social media and are the “it” source for everything online.

Engage121: This blog is focused on providing updates on social media marketing. Almost all of the posts pertain to using social media for your business.

Facebook: Facebook has a great help section, as well as training section. They have many resources for you to learn more about using their tool for your business.

SmartBrief on Social Media: SmartBrief is one of the best e-newsletters for social media marketing. They write their own content as well as provide links to some of the best existing articles online.