Photocart Help

Published on June 2, 2016

Has your PhotoCart been hacked?

We have experienced a couple of occasions where our Photocart gets spammed with a large bogus order.  This order will freeze up your cart and make it impossible for anyone to place an order.  Here is how to clear the order, even if your cart is frozen:

  1. Open the Home page
  1. Note the order number you need to delete
  2. If the order will open, click “delete order.”
  3. If the order will not open, add the following red code into the url box, replacing 2769 with the actual order number
  4. Hit Enter

Alpharetta example:

(you will need to modify this line with your correct location name and the correct order #)


E-mails not sending from Photocart:

You can test the email function by going to Settings -> Mail Settings.

1) Make sure they are not going into your spam folder. Check your spam and bulk folders in your email program to see if they are going there.

2) Settings -> Basic Settings -> SpoiledRottenPhotography

Be sure this is not a web address. Example, do not enter Enter in the name Spoiled Rotten Photography.

The “Name of your website” is the from name when emails are sent.  If we have a website address as the “from” name, the server might see it as spam and not send it.

3) Settings -> Basic Settings -> “Contact Email Address”

This is the default email address emails are sent from. It is possible your hosting company requires that you use an email address @your-domain (example: If you are using something different (like a yahoo or hotmail email address), try using one @yourdomain. You can set those up in your hosting control panel or contact your hosting company for assistance.

4) Settings -> Mail Settings.

Send all emails from my address. Set that to Yes.

Add return-path field. Change this to the opposite of what it is now.

Mail sending function, make sure it is on mail().

Leave the rest blank and save.

Use the send test email and check your email.

If none of this works, then you will need to contact your hosting company with your issue. You should tell them that the emails are no longer being sent from your shopping cart system and it uses the PHP mail() function to send emails.