Photographer Certification Program

Published on July 18, 2018

When you signed on as a Spoiled Rotten Photography Photographer, you committed yourself to a continuous process of learning and growing to make yourself a better photographer!  We want to recognize and reward your efforts with our  Photographer Certification Program.

The Photographer Certification Program

  • Is a competitive program where you earn merits for award winning images in our image competitions.
  • A way to be recognized for increasing your knowledge and skills as a photographer
  • There are 4 certification levels
    • Photographer
    • Apprentice
    • Craftsman
    • Master

Requirements for each Certification

  • Photographer- Certificate – Successfully complete photographer training
  • Apprentice – Rose Gold Metal – Earn 5 merits
  • Craftsman – Silver Medal – Earn 10 merits
  • Master – Gold Metal – Earn 25 merits

How you earn merits

  • Summer Image Comp – ½ merit for each image that scores over 80
  • Conference Image Comp – 1 merit for each image that scores over 80

Image Competition

Competition is more than just a way to be recognized for your work and get awards. Image competition is important for one simple reason.  We have 2 Image competitions each year:  Summer and Annual Convention.   Participation is mandatory for each photographer.  Individual rules will be distributed at least a month in advance before each competition.  Typically, the summer image competition is in July or August and the Anual Image competition occurs during our annual conference – typically in January.  

Why Compete?

  • It Makes you a better photographer.
    • Being a better photographer means your work is more sellable
    • Being a better photographer means you get more correct in the camera and spend less time behind the computer.

Image Competition Categories

  • Individual Baby (non-walking)
  • Individual Toddler (walking to 2 years old)
  • Individual Preschooler (3-5 years)
  • Individual Older Child (6 or above)
  • Sibling Group (2 or more children)
  • Family (1 or more adults and 1 or more children)
  • Furry Friends (Animals or Animals and their people)
  • Professional Portrait

Special Awards

  • Richmond Award –  Certificate/Print Credit
  • People’s Choice – Certificate
  • Judges Choice – Certificate