Placing Orders For Customers & Sending Invoices

Published on July 4, 2020

To place an order, a person must be a customer and their order must have a subject.

  1. Create a Subject (if not already in our system)
    • If their “subject” is already in our system… great! Skip to the next step. 
    • Subject must be associated with an event.  Jot down the event number – you will need it in step 3.
  2. Create Customer (if not already in our system)
    • If they are already in our system as a customer… great! Skip to the next step.  Make sure customer is assigned a subject and event (or they will be lost in cyberspace — call us to fix this)
  3. Go to the order menu.  Click + button to create a new order. 
    • Choose customer 
    • Choose event 
    • Choose subject 
  4. To add items to the order – go to the bottom of the screen and add line items as needed.
  5. Edit cart total or shipping or tax numbers, if needed.
  6. Save Order. 
    • After you save the order, the payment info will not update again.  If you add another line item, you’ll need to update the payment info manually.
    • Note the payment status is PENDING.  Pending orders will be sent to the lab if sent with a school order.
  7. Take Payment (over the phone). 
    • First, click away from the order (for example – click on Customers tab, then click on the order again.
    • Click on the [+ NEW PAYMENT] button and complete the information. 
    • Click the [SUBMIT PAYMENT] button. 
    • If you get an error message, copy the card number and the card details and start Step 7 over again.
    • Change order status (top of order) to ‘Paid.’
  8. Send Invoice (by email).
    • Open the order, choose menu button – “Send Invoice” 
    • If they were not previously a customer, you’ll have to tell them to log in using their email address and give them the password you created for them when you created their customer account.
    • If they would like to change their password – They can use the ‘forgot password’ link.  Our system will send them a link by email.  They click the link and then change their password.
  9. How to split the total into multiple payments:
    • Open the unpaid (Pending) order. 
    • Click on the menu button and select ‘Send Invoice.’
    • Under Recipients, find the amount line and change it to the amount you need.
    • You may modify the email body to indicate the payment amount.  For example, the line Please Click Here to Pay can become Please Click Here to make a $50 payment 
    • Your customer will not have access to their digital files until the order is paid in full and status changes from ‘Pending’ to ‘Paid.’
    • HINT: Create a reminder in your phone to send the next invoice(s).
    • It is always ok to waive the late shipping and processing charge, if you feel so inclined.