Print Session Notes and Barcodes

Published on July 12, 2017

Print Session Notes and Barcodes

If your session is a sign-up session, you will review the information that the parents  entered when signing up for their session.  Review this data to get to know the kids a little before photographing them.  See if there are any special requests that you can prepare for before the session.

  1. In EZGo select the event you are photographing
  2. Click button titled “View Subjects”
  3. Select button “Session Notes”
  4. Review notes so you can prepare for special considerations.
  5. Print at least 2 copies to take to your session.

Printing Barcode Stickers

It is important that you have the barcodes (and actually photograph them before photographing the student).  This will make your workflow much smoother and save you time from manually sorting them.

  1. In EZGo, select the event you are photographing
  2. Click button titled “Barcode Report”
  3. Download Barcodes
  4. Choose a sort
    • Sort by name – use for smaller schools that will not bring the kids by class
    • Sort by teacher and class – use for larger schools that you will photograph by class
    • Print barcodes on Avery 6240 address label sheets (30/page).
  • If the barcodes are not aligned exactly on the sticker when you print, adjust the % size of the print to align it exactly.  You may have to experiment to get the exact % that you need. (Ours is 97%, or “fit to page.”)

NOTE:  If the child does not have a barcode, write their name and any other info you can get about the child on a sticker. It is helpful to get the child’s class and parent’s name and email address. Then photograph this sticker before photographing the child.  You’ll create an account for them in EZGo later.  (This is covered in Session Operations)