Privacy Policy

Published on July 12, 2017

Respect must be given to each and every client.

  • Never discuss any details of anyone’s personal life with anyone else.
  • You may be privy to all kinds of information through the school’s staff or director, the parent themselves, or even their children.
  • Again, never talk about anyone’s situation with anyone else.  It’s just bad business.

Posting Images or Using Images for Marketing Material

  • Never post a child’s images on-line (other than in their private password protected gallery) without parent’s permission.
  • The session sign up form asks for this release.  It is also asked for again when they order (for sessions that are non-sign up).

For sign up sessions, if the parent gave permission for us to use their images a (Y) will appear next to their name on the barcode report.

When you do post images, never use a child’s name in the posting.  Also, be careful not to post images that have the child’s name on their clothing (for example a monogrammed shirt).