Process Orders

Published on July 12, 2017


At this point in the process, all families have been notified that their proof sets are available. They complete ordering during the ordering timeframe.

Editing Submitted Orders

When a client submits an order but then decides they would like to change the order. There are 2 options.

  1. If it is a small adjustment you can make a note and adjust it when you place the order
  2. If it is a larger adjustment with quite a bit of change it would be best to delete the order and replace the order with the correct changes

Process Orders

Installing ImageMagic

  • In order to run the “Lab Batch File” script that pulls the ordered files, your computer will need to have ImageMagick Installed.


ImageMagick is needed to convert image files on your computer as part of the SRP workflow. ImageMagick isn’t an application with a regular graphical interface. It simply allows commands to be given directly to your computer’s operating system to do useful stuff, like convert image files.

Installing ImageMagick on a PC

Go to the ImageMagick website and download the latest release for Windows.

When downloading, make sure to check to install Legacy Components.


Installing ImageMagick on a MAC


You’ll be using the Terminal application to install Homebrew and then ImageMagick.

Homebrew and Imagemagick programs are downloaded and installed using the Mac application Terminal that already exists on all Macs.


Copy this into you clipboard by selecting it and using Command c or right clicking it and choosing Copy

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Open terminal with Command Space , type in Terminal and hit enter

Once Terminal opens, paste the text into Terminal with Command v

Choose Install

Choose Agree

Wait for Homebrew to download and install

Once prompted hit Enter

Type in your computer’s password.

Type brew install ImageMagick and Enter to download and install ImageMagick


If you see “==> Pouring imagemagick-6.9.3-0_2.el_capitan.bottle.tar.gz” then ImageMagick has been installed. Remember, it’s not a regular program so you won’t be able to access it from Applications.

  1. All done:

You can Quit Terminal

Pull ordered files (on a PC)

After the ordering period is complete, run the script that will copy only the ordered files to the finals folder.

  • This script also re-sizes the files to the largest ordered size.

To run batch file:

  1. Go to go Photocart,
  2. Select Gallery
  3. Select More
  4. Select Get Lab Batch file.
    • {you may get an error that says .bat file is not commonly downloaded.. or other such error… keep the file, it is ok. }
  5. Save the Lab batch file into the folder with the original jpgs.
  6. Run the batch file.
    • You can not run this file from Bridge or Lightroom.  Go to your windows explorer window, navigate to the Originals folder and double click the Move.bat file.
    • Running this .bat file (also called a Batch file) will move all of the ordered files into the Finals folder.  If they ordered any digital packages, the files will be moved into the “Digitals” folder.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to run the move.bat file from your windows explorer window – It will not run from Adobe Bridge!

Pull ordered files (on a MAC)

turning full resolution files into finals and digitals


  1. Right click on the file in your originals folder and choose Show Info then use Command c to copy the entire Where section under General.
  2. Open the Terminal app and type the following steps
  3. mogrify
  4. type cd “Command c to paste” e.g. cd “/Users/Melissa/Pictures/SRP/Spring 2016/AAA Campus Candids/originals”
  5. chmod +x     (space between +x and

Trouble shooting

This workflow only works if the photo files have no “-“ in them. Use “_” instead. If you’ve accidentally made photos with hyphens and need to change them use this youtube video. If you need the to change the file names also then use this video.

If you get an message saying Permission Denied then it could be because your file doesn’t have permissions that allow the operation. One fix is to find open the correct file in Text Edit and copy the text. Then open an older file and open it in Text Edit and paste the text in.

Print order summary sheets

In PhotoCart:

  1. Select gallery
  2. Select More
  3. Click Order Summary (you can print by order number or by Grade and Class).
  4. Print
  • Use order summary sheets when you are retouching the images to see what sizes/products were ordered.
  • Pay particular attention to any notes the customers include on the form.
  • Once you finish retouching the images, write a hand-written thank you (this is your way of tracking that the images have been retouched)
  • If you send digital images, make an extra note on the order summary that the files were sent on X date by email or Dropbox.

IMPORTANT: Read each order’s notes.  Highlight anything that needs to be addressed.  Highlight any home shipping orders.

Add on digital files…

  1. Check for added digital files.
  2. Highlight them on the order summary sheet.
  3.   If they up graded to a full res file, make sure to pull the correct full resolution file and save it to the finals folder (with the order number and a dash in front of the file name).
    • Now, you won’t have to retouch the small image for the print and the large image for the digital file!
  4. Email files and print releases to customers after retouching (be sure to annotate 5×7 or 16×20 on the print release based on what they ordered.)
    • For details see “Send Images to Client”

Package Specific Notes

Package C (Mini-Session) AND Package 1 (Campus Candids)

  • Both packages include a bonus of web files
  1. Copy retouched files to digital folder
  2. Open files from digital folder in photoshop
  3. Make web files (f9, then stamp with srp logo)
  4. Save back to digital folder (F5 flattens and saves in same location)
  5. Send files to customer with template in email from EZgo.
    • You may find it useful to send the files by Dropbox
      • Many email programs will not accept large files, especially if you are sending more than a few.
      • Create a file structure the same as your hard drive (using Session# folder names) with a sub-folder of the Customer’s last name.
      • Send them a link to download their specific files
      • Plus, it’s really easy to go back and get the link if they contact you at a later date and say they never got their files.
      • There is an email template in EZgo that has specific information

Package B (Mini-Session) OR Package 1 + Digital Images (Campus Candids)-

  • Both of these packages come with a digital image of each ordered print in a size printable to 5×7 (they can upgrade individually to full resolution)
  1. If a customer upgraded any files to full-size, make sure to pull the full resolution file before retouching!
  2. Save the retouched files to the digital folder.
  3. Rename the images to the customer’s last name and three digits.
  4. Send the files to the customer (use same steps above)


Package A (Mini-Session) OR Package 1 + High Res Digital Files of ALL Images (Campus Candids)

  • Both of these packages come with a FULL RESOLUTION digital image of ALL proofs
  1. Replace all files in the finals folder with every image in the proof set at FULL RESOLUTION.
    • Be sure to add “order number-xx” to the front of the file names.
  2.  Save the retouched files to the digital folder.
  3. Rename the images to the customer’s last name and three digits.
  4. Send the files to the customer (use same steps above).