Published on July 12, 2017

Find an “IN”

A very effective way to gain an account is through a referral!

  • Find a connected parent.
  • Educate them on what you can offer (or better yet, offer them a session)…  and ask them for an introduction.
  • Does your place of worship have a pre-school program?  Connect with parents there to ask for a referral to their school.
  • Are there other business to business  programs that serve pre-schools in your area?  (Soccer shots, Dance programs, Stretch and Grow, Art programs, etc…) Connect with these providers to see if you can get any intel on the schools or an introduction.

We have had owners get referrals for food and beverage services that go to preschools, carpet cleaners that clean their carpets…

Plan a Family Portrait Day.

The idea here is to plan and execute a Family Portrait Day, then ask for referrals from the parents who love your work.

  • Find a sponsor that will help promote the session.
  • Try to find an organization to help sponsor you (mini-cheer squad, play group, etc.)
    • They can pass out your info to their organization to help promote the event.
  • Use your network to market the Family Portrait Day to people who have preschool aged children that are enrolled in preschools or day cares. When they order and get their images, do something special for them and ask for a referral.

IDEA: After ordering… Customers that loved their images (you’ll know from nice survey comments or the size of their order)… send them a stack of thank you notes that feature their child on the card.  Write a hand written note that says something like:  “I’d like to thank you so much for letting me create Suzie’s portrait!  As a small token of my appreciation, please accept these thank you notes.”   A conversation is best to ask if they could refer you to their school, but a hand written note asking for an introduction would be second best.