Retouch Ordered Images

Published on July 12, 2017

Retouch Images

Retouching images is an art form.  You’ll want to learn all the Photoshop quick keys as this will make your retouching job much easier and faster. The general steps you’ll need to complete to retouch each ordered image:

  1. Adjust exposure, if necessary
  2. Clean up any background distractions or facial blemishes (use the patch tool — quick key J)
  3. Lighten eye bags if any (use the stamp tool (quick key S) on 20% lighten (there is an SRP tool preset of this setting)
  4. Run SRP Retouch action (F2)
  5. If skin softening makes the hair or the eyes too soft, erase the softening effect (in the background layer, mask paint with a black brush).  This step is usually only needed with blonde haired people or very close up poses in 8×10 or above.
  6. Sharpen eyes if necessary.
  7. Lighten or darken any areas that are needed.
  8. If the image was ordered in Black and White, convert image to black and white using F8.  Adjust as needed.
  9. Flatten, Save and Close (F5)
  10. After retouching the customer’s entire order, add a written “Thank You” to the order summary sheet.


Watch video:  Retouching Images – Blemishes, eye bags and yellow teeth

Watch video:  Retouching Images- eye bags

Watch video:  Removing water spot from a textured shirt

Watch video:  Using Expanding Background Action

Watch video:  Retouch using actions: Retouch, Expand Background, Extreme Dust

Watch video:  Adding Light to Lantern

Watch video: Use Lightroom to removed spots using the heal tool


Cntrl Z – Undo last step

Cntrl+alt+Z – Undo several steps

Cntrl C – Copy

Cntrl V – Paste

Cntrl -/+  – Zoom in or out

Cntrl A – Select All

Cntrl D – Deselect 

Shift – To select a series

Cntrl – To select or deselect one at a time


F2:  Retouch Action (Creates Portraiture Layer and Adjustment layers)

F4:  Flatten All Layers

F5:  Flatten All and Save

F6:  Whiten Teeth (make quick mask of area you want to take yellow out of – Q (for quick mask) then paint black to make red quick mask, then F6 to desaturate yellow.)

F7: Levels Adjust Layer (make quick mask of area you want to adjust, (Q for quick mask) then paint black to make red quick mask- then F7 to bring up adjustment layer- adjust as needed.

F8:  Flatten Layer and Make Black and White

F9:  Make web image (makes small bordered web image, and lands you on the Spoiled Rotten brush to put logo on webfile)

Shift F2- Extreme Dust. Flatten layers first.  (F4) makes an out of focus copy of the layer with a black mask and lands you in the layer mask with a white brush.  Paint white on the areas you need to remove dust or scratches from.

Shift F3 – Expand Background (pre-action steps:  Ctrl+A to select all, Ctrl+T (transform) make sure to hold shift key down when transforming, Transform image to add more room for the background expansion, then press Shift+F3 to run action.  Use Content aware fill to expand background.

Shift F5 – Content aware fill.  Select area that you would like replaced, then press Shift+F5.


J – Patch Tool ( Clean up Blemishes)

S – Stamp Tool (20% Lighten Under eyes)

B – Brush Tool

D – Default White/Black Palette

X – Switch paint black to white/white to black

[] – Make brush bigger or smaller