School Commissions

Published on March 30, 2021

We pay schools a commission, based on total sales for each event.  The total sales amount can be found in several places in EZGo: 

  • on the Event tab: 

  • On the Report tab (Sales by School):

  • On the Report tab (Sales by Event):


*Please note – all three reports exclude sales tax.

The above reports show 29 orders for 30 subjects, but ONLY 86.67% ordering. 


29/30 = 96.67%

So what happened?  

Let’s look at it another way:  86.67% ordering from 30 galleries = 26.

This means that orders were placed from 26 of 30 galleries. 

or, 86.67% of the galleries have an order

4 families did not order, but some families (3, in this case) placed more than 1 order.