Send Images to Client

Published on July 12, 2017

Prepare and send images to customers who purchased digital images.

  • Review package offerings – some packages include digital files!
  • Make sure to check for added-on digital files on the order summary sheets
  • Packages that are purely digital will be automatically pulled and placed into the “Digital” folder
  • Add-on images and images that are package bonus items will not be automatically in the “Digital” folder

Follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure the files have been retouched
  2. For add-on or bonus package files, copy retouched files into the “digital” folder
  3. Rename the files to the Last Name of the customer and a sequence number
  4. For files printable to 5×7, size the files to 1500 px on the longest side and 300 dpi
  5. For files printable to 16×20, size the files to 3600 px on the longest side at 300 dpi
  6. If a customer has ordered both 5×7 and 16×20 images – create 2 sub folders under the family name so the customer sees the larger size is different. This is important for the digital add-ons. 
  7. Send customer link to Dropbox folder using email template “Printable Digital Files w print release” in EZGo.
    • Open Dropbox
    • Create  folder “File Transfer for X Season”
    • Create sub-folder “Event number and name”
    • Create sub-folder for individual Family
    • Add images to family folder 
    • Click share folder 
    • Click create link, then copy link.
    • Use email template in EZGo to send link to customer.
    • Paste link where it says “add link here”
    • Send

Send Web Files

Some packages come with a bonus of Web files

Send Bonus Web Files

If the package your customer purchased included web files, send the files when the images are retouched.

  1. Retouch images and copy images into the Digital Folder.
  2. Open files from the Digital Folder into Photoshop.
  3. Run F9 (Web file action) and stamp each file with our logo brush.
  4. Run F5 to flatten and save file.
  5. Email files to customer, or use Dropbox method above.
  6. Use email templatein EZGo.


Send GIFT Bonus Web Files

Love a customer?  Did they make a great order and you want to reward them?

Send them a gift of Bonus Web files.

If they made some awesome comments either on the survey or their order… Ask for a review on our facebook page AND your Google location page.

Here is a template to use to send the Gift files.

Subject:  Bonus Gift from Spoiled Rotten Photography

Hi  FIRST NAME!  Thank you for your order!   As a thank you for your order, I am sending you a BONUS of webfies (see attached)!  Feel free to use these files on social media, email, or a digital frame, but please do not alter or crop the images. They are not intended for printing!

(The printable files that come with your package be emailed to you Date you expect to send them, if not now)

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