Send order to lab

Published on July 12, 2017

Image Preparation 

It is helpful to rotate landscape images before downloading them to the lab. 

  1. Select landscape images using filter on bottom left in Bridge
  2. Make a new folder under finals titled “landscape”
  3. Ctl+A to select all landscape images in finals folder
  4. MOVE images to landscape folder
  5. In windows folder select landscape folder > Ctrl+A > right click > rotate counterclockwise > Ctrl+A > Move back to finals folder (make sure file is open on the left side to be able to click and drag to the finals folder) 


Download Lab Report

The Lab Report tells our lab which products and quantities of each to print.   This report gets married up to the images in the Lab’s ROES Software.

  1. Open PhotoCart
  2. Navigate to the appropriate Gallery
  3. Go to More
  4. Download the Lab Report file.
    •  This file is formatted as a comma delimited file (.csv) and tells the lab what was ordered.
    • Save the lab file to the finals folder with your final jpgs that you will send to the lab.

Send order to lab

  1. Open Richmond ROES
  2. Log in
  3. Choose Volume Packaged Prints
  4. Select the events tab (upper right corner)
  5. Click +button in bottom left of screen to start order
  6. Retitle the “untitled” line with your job name (use school number as assigned in EZGo
  7. Click “Subject Info” at bottom right of screen.
  8. Import Data from .csv file.  Browse and select your Lab Report. (Reminder: Lab report is downloaded from EZGo, go to Gallery, More tab, Select “Download Lab Report”, save in Finals folder.)
  9. When importing your lab report, make sure to click “First Row Has Field Names.”  Then click Next.
  10. Choose package groups “SRP” and click Next.
  11. Select “Yes, let me select images now” and click Next.
  12. Match Images to the lab report – 
    1. Choose images from folder > finals > open
      *Roes may close out, just select Roes program again and it will bring your order back up
    2. Click the word file in the upper left corner.  The row should turn blue.
    3. In the very bottom middle menu, select “Images” and from that drop down select “Match Images.”
    4. Click “Use Thumbnails”
    5. At this point you should see all the images populate the lab report at the top.  Ensure that all entries have an associated image.  If there is a missing image, it means that you have a file name mismatch or a missing image.
    6. You can pull an image from the bottom thumbnails if needed. Make sure to only have one entry highlighted or you will replace all images.
  13. Designate packages – click word “package” in upper left corner.
    • This row should turn blue. Then from the middle menu select “use as packages.”
    • The row of packages should turn green. If you have any red packages, it means you have a package designated from your lab report that does not match your packages built in ROES.  You can alter your package in ROES to make the order go through, but if this happens please report this package to SRP-HQ for correction.
  14. Start Review.  Once you have all your images populated and all your packages green, click “Start Review” from the bottom right of screen.
    • Select “Review All”
    • HINT:  ROES does not automatically rotate your images to the correct orientation.  You may want to manually rotate your images to all be in a single orientation.
    • If you rotate them in Bridge or Lightroom, ROES will not view them as rotated, you must permanently rotate them in another program (Windows Explorer)
    • Click the forward arrow to review and adjust crops as necessary.  If you catch an image that you need to replace you can change the image out at the end of the review.
    • Make sure die-cut wallets do not crop off any of your subject or have white space showing on the sides.  This can be tricky as the dye cut template can mask the appearance of the white borders.  Make sure that your image does not have white borders!
  15. After the last image is reviewed, click “add items to order.”  Wait for the “Shopping Cart” link at the top of the screen to change from $5 (which is the default minimum order) to the actual cost of the order.
  16. You can edit the image by clicking the pencil icon next to each image.
  17. You can also add on prints or products to the order by clicking the “Continue Shopping” button.
  18. Transmit order to the lab.
    • Select packaging method – in most cases you will choose plastic bags. If order is for a large elementary or older school, choose paper bags (if children are responsible for delivering the portraits home, paper bags are best because they have a sticky closure).
    • Under customer reference, click round radio button for “Internal ID option” to allow you to enter data, add the event number (that is assigned in EZGo) and school or other identifying word.
    • Enter any special instructions for the lab… and give a nice or encouraging word to the nice folks who are preparing our order.
    • Choose complete and send order (bottom left corner)
    • Choose shipping type (usually economy) and send to the lab!
  19. Print first page of lab order report to keep with invoices (this gives you proof that you sent it to the lab) and make pdf copy of order to save in finals folder if desired.

Watch video:  Sending files to the lab