Social Media

Published on July 12, 2017

Social Media Engagement

Spoiled Rotten Photography has a single entity for each social media.  As a franchise owner, you are allowed to use the corporate accounts, but you are not allowed to create your own social media page for your location.  You can and are encouraged to post on your personal page to promote your business.

You should also encourage your clients to share their own photos and tag our business page when they do.  Do not only post photos of your business, make sure to post photos from your local community events and landmarks.

REMEMBER that you MUST have a model release from the child’s guardian to post any images.  These images should not list the child’s name in the post or on the image.  This is easy for sign up sessions.  When they sign up, they have an opportunity to check the box that allows us to use their images.  For non-sign up sessions… you can batch request they give you permission.

To request model release from non-signup session.

  1. Open Event in EZGo.
  2. Click “Send Email”
  3. Choose Template “Request Model Release and Newsletter from non-signup sessions”
    • This defaults to “Accounts that have ordered”, if you want to get permission from everyone (say before ordering has ended) you can change this filter to everyone.
    • You can edit this template as you please.  For example, you can say everyone that changes their status before X date, will be included on our Facebook page.  (Then you MUST create a album with the web-images!!)
  4. Send email.  
  5. Check who changed their status to Yes on the model release
    1. Go to the event in EZGo
    2. View Subjects
    3. Filter “Model Release” to “YES”



Spoiled Rotten Photography has a single Facebook Page.  As a franchise owner, you are allowed to post to this page and engage your local audience.  You are not allowed to create your own business Facebook page.

Guidelines when posting on the SRP FACEBOOK page:

  1. If mentioning another business or school try to tag them in your post by using the @ symbol and immediately typing their name. You will have to like their Facebook Business Page in order to do so. For example, Thank you Premier Preschool for having us today, we loved your outfits!
    • Benefit: This increases the visibility of your post and shows the business you tag that you mentioned them in your post, and introduces your page to them.
  1. Always compose your status updates in an engaging way to encourage your followers to take action, such as like or comment. For example, ask a question, or say “click like if your child ever makes this pose in their pictures.”
    • Benefit: Your post will be seen by more people because your follower’s actions appear in their Facebook friends’ newsfeeds, which introduces your business to more Facebook users.
  1. Always include a photo, video or link to any update. Status updates that include photos, videos and links receive more engagement on Facebook. 
    • Benefit: This will help increase your chances of your posts showing up to your followers. Facebook determines what people want to see by using an algorithm that ranks photo and video status updates higher than text only updates.
  1. Be consistent and try to make sure you are posting at least once per day so your followers have a reason to like your page and see you as a resource. It is a fine line determining how often you should post; it is possible to post too often and lose followers. A general rule is to post at least once/day and no more than once every three hours. Keep in mind when your target audience may be online to see your posts. Stay-at-home parents may be online during working hours but working parents probably do not get online until after they get home from work. Try posting one update during the day, and one later at night.
    • Benefit: Posting during different times of day helps ensure that you are reaching all of your followers. You can look at Facebook Insights to see which of your posts get higher engagement, and you will know what times are better for posting.
  1. Build a relationship with your followers by engaging with them. When they comment on one of your posts, feel free to ask them another question that is relevant to your post. If you asked a question and they commented yes, ask them more detail about why they said yes.
    • Benefit: The more active your followers are with you, the more visibility you are achieving due to Facebook’s newsfeed. Also, engaging with your followers shows that you value their input and will help you build a relationship with them.
  1. Always thank your followers for their engagement whether they post or continuously like your status updates. Make sure they know that they matter. This will keep them coming back and encourage them to share your content, which will get you in front of new people.
    • Benefit: When followers like, comment or continuously engage with your page, this ensures you are building the right community. This means you have attracted people who care about your business and in the end they will become brand advocates for you.
  1. Never post or comment about political issues, religion or other hot topics! There are many people who will understand your post and not react to it but there are some people you may offend and hear backlash from.  Remember that it is difficult to tell tone from written communication, so you stance on whatever topic could be taken several different ways by different people.   Just stay away from controversial topics.This includes profanity, posting content without a client’s permission, religion, politics, and other categories that are outlined in your brand guidelines.
    • Benefit: By maintaining a positive, neutral position on Facebook, you are representing yourself professionally and showing people that you are a respectable business.
    • NOTE:  I know a local business person who lost a $50,000 account because  of their critical views expressed on their personal facebook page.
  2. Running contests on your Facebook Business Page is a great way to get more followers and to get more engagement from your current community; however, it is against Facebook’s Terms of Service to ask your followers to comment, like, or post on your Facebook timeline (wall) in order to win a contest.
    • In order to run a contest, you must use a third-party application. You can use a simple google form to collect information and have people enter.
  3. You don’t have to give away something for people to interact with you!  For example, what was your favorite part of your weekend? Upload a photo to tell your story. In this example, you are asking them to do something but you are not giving them something for doing so. You can talk about the best photo that is uploaded but you cannot give a gift certificate to them for doing so.
    • Benefit: By following Facebook’s Terms of Service you will not be at risk for being penalized by Facebook and have to worry about them deleting your Facebook Page and you instantly loosing all of those followers.


We have a single Spoiled Rotten Photo Instagram account.  We are not currently as active on this site as Facebook.  We have found for now, that a majority of our customers use Facebook as their primary social media.  Instagram is gaining in popularity, but not tends to be younger people without children.

  • Benefit: This introduces your business to a new set of users, and is another place to showcase your business.