Software Overview

Published on July 12, 2017

At SRP, there are many steps that we take to deliver beautiful portraits to parents.  Below is just a quick overview of the steps we go through to produce our portraits. Each step is discussed in detail later in the ops manual.  This is a high-level overview.

We use many tools to create a beautiful portrait!  Software is one area that can be confusing know what programs to use for what.  This section is designed to help give a overall picture of the different software we use.

  1. EZGo Photo 
    • Our customer relationship management (CRM) software
    • Where all the info for schools, events and subjects lives
    • Email Portal – sends automatic emails, has email templates
  2. Lightroom

    • Adobe  product- this is bundled with Adobe Photoshop and Bridge
    • We use this software to import the files from your card
    • Rename files to include session name and serial number
    • Save files on back-up folder
    • Choose the images we want to show to the customer
    • Adjust for exposure and crop
    • Export large (original) and small (web)
  3. FileZilla

    • This is the software that transfers the web files to our server so they can be posted in galleries
    • It is called a file transfer protocol (FTP)
  4. Photocart
    • This is the software that presents the images to order
    • It is organized in galleries (school level) and sub galleries (subject level)
    • Once they order this software also provides a script to move ordered files to a new folder
    • This software provides a report that tells our lab what prints and products to order
  5. Photoshop
    • Software that we use to fine-tune an image
    • Remove blemishes, fix spots on clothes, remove stray hairs, etc.
    • We also use a smaller program inside of this program called a plug-in (portraiture)
  6. ROES
    • This is the software that interfaces with our lab
    • We use the “events” function to batch order
    • You can also order individual orders manually


Where to log-in?

  • EZGo/Photocart:   (use individual login)
    • to use EZGo/Photocart on your phone login to the application as above, click tab at bottom to pull up admin screen (it will be small), touch and hold the link to events, select “open in new tab.” once ezgo is opened, add this link to your home screen.  You will have a 2 links on your phone- one to photocart, and one to EZGo.
  • Ops Manual: Manual    pw: see Files on FB page under Useful Links – all passwords are listed there.
  • Email Server:  Go to EZGo, click link to “Sent Email Log”  or go to
    • login: pw:pw: see Files on FB page under Useful Links – all passwords are listed there.
  • Blog:  (use individual login)
  • FTP Server – through FileZilla.  Server:  (use individual login and pw) leave port blank
  • Training videos.
    • account: pw: see Files on FB page under Useful Links – all passwords are listed there.