Specialty Items

Published on July 12, 2017

Brag Book

Brag books are ordered in a different catalog than your typical order.  The prints will show up on your Lab Report, so delete on the file or delete when you are in ROES.  If you do not delete the prints from your regular order, you will get a print of each image that was chosen for the brag book. 

  • Open Roes
  • Select Assembled Albums
  • Select the green arrow “Add Images”
  • Choose images from the appropriate folder
  • Select Luster Albums
  • Select correct size and number of pages 
  • Click black arrow to turn the page on book. Rotate if necessary.
  • Select image and drag to the page on the book.  Be sure to keep 2 vertical images together and 2 horizontal images together. 
  • Continue to select, click and drag until all images are appropriately placed in the book.
  • Select add to order. View cart to make sure images are correct.
  • Place event and order number in “Internal Order ID”
  • Fill in “Special Instructions” with appropriate information or just some kind and encouraging words.
  • Click next
  • Submit Order
  • Print first page of receipt and place in folder
  • Save PDF in appropriate folder

Panels, Ornaments and Metal Prints

  • Download template from google share drive
  • In photo shop, add image to template
  • Save file as file is name on the order
  • Save to finals folder