Sponsorships, Advertising and Auctions

Published on July 12, 2017

Sponsorships and Advertising

If an opportunity arises for you to sponsor a school or team, give it some considerable thought.  If it can create goodwill and exposure for your business, then it might be worth the cost.  Remember, a very effective way to gain accounts is visiting schools and building relationships.

If a school you serve asks you to buy ad space in their yearbook for a nominal fee, or donate a door prize for their spring fling, etc… support these opportunities, if at all possible.

Silent Auctions

If you are asked to give an item for a Silent Auction or other give-away, it is always a good idea to donate.  If possible, go to the event to network with the organization that you are donating too.  Determine an appropriate donation — a reasonable donation would be a custom session and an 11×14, or if it is at a school that you serve, you could donate print credit (gift certificate).

There is a sample certificate in the shared drive.  Marketing/Auctions.  Modify as needed and Print on a SRP note card.

Here are sample words for the note card:

Spoiled Rotten Photography


School Name


This certificate entitles you a

A custom photography session

and an

11×14 wall portrait!

Call to schedule before 5/31/17 (ALWAYS include a date)

Phone number




  1. Attend the event if possible. This is a great networking opportunity because you will be viewed as an involved invested “member” of the organization — not just a donor.
  2. Set up a framed display on an easel. Most silent auctions will have display tables, make sure to send a nice display that showcases your work well.  One image with impact is perfect.  Place some of your business cards in front of the display for people to pick up.
  3. Require the auction coordinator to give you the contact info for the winner and tell you the amount they paid for the item. Contact the winner to set up the session within one week of the auction.

Here is a sample email to an auction coordinator (modify to fit your situation):

Hi {name of Auction Coordinator},

I would be delighted to donate a photography session and 11×14 wall portrait (or $250 gift certificate for your next Spoiled Rotten Session … whatever).   All I ask is that someone pick up my tabletop display. {if you can not attend the event}  At the auction, I ask that it be displayed in a prominent location.  I also have some postcards that should be placed by the display.  After the auction, please send me the winner’s name, contact info, and the amount they paid for the item.
Please give me a call to arrange a pick up and return time for the display.  Thanks!!!

Warm Regards,

{your name}