Time Standards

Published on July 12, 2017

Our utmost concern is making sure our customers are given a quality product.  Our quality product must also be delivered in a timely manner.  Below are the time standards for each step in the process.   We take time standards very seriously because we often hear that schools are not satisfied with delays from previous photographers.

Initial Download- Same day

  • File must be downloaded to your primary and back-up drives on the same day they are photographed.
  • Do not delete images from the card until you double check that the files are saved on 2 separate drives.

Post to web- 1-7 days

  • Post images to the web no later than 7 days from session.
  • Try to have them posted within 3 days if possible, but 7 days at the latest.
  • The parent’s anticipation is highest right after the session – we want to post them as soon as possible.

On Line Ordering- 7-10 days

  • Once the images are posted online, give the parents 7-10 days to order.
  • If your ordering end date falls on a holiday, extend the date so it does not end on a holiday.
  • Consider breaks from school as holidays.
  • Giving parents too long to order will diminish your sales.  It’s like the old gum theory; once they have chewed on it for a while they don’t want it anymore.

Send to Lab- NLT 7 days after ordering

  • After orders are placed, retouch the images as soon as possible.
  • The lab takes about 4-7 days to get the order back to you — the sooner you get the portraits in the hands of parents, the better.
  • Also, we promise to deliver orders within 4 weeks after ordering — if we deliver sooner, all the better!

Delivery – NLT 28 days after ordering

  • We advertise that orders will be delivered 4 weeks after ordering.  It is always best to under-promise AND over-deliver.